All Mankind / Sweet Home Germany

All Mankind, photo (c) by Ilka Rowehl

Australian ALL MANKIND are back in Germany supporting Schmidt aka Femme Schmidt, meanwhile the fabulous Four spend more time in Germany than in their home country that returning to Germany after 3 months in Sydney felt like coming home. ENTERTAIM.NET met Rich an Dorney in Cologne and we talked about the current tour the last band photo shooting and a/the new album …

Photo: Ilka Rowehl Welcome back in Germany … I think you guys really like it right here …

Rich: (laughing) Absolutely! Now you’re on tour with Schmidt, la femme Schmidt … 18 shows in Germany … the last time you played the Hurricane and Southside Festivals and suported a punk rock band, so this must be totally different supporting a jazz act?

Rich: Actually we’re always happy to play live and these days it doesn’t really matter if two bands are playing the same kind of music. The people who show up like hand made music, so it definitely fits. We and the whole band of Schmidt are sharing a nightliner and the vibes are great. It’s definitely fun! Will you also play some festivals in Germany this year, too? Maybe the Hurricane Fest again?

Rich: I don’t know yet but sure, this would be great! We got lots of new fans, especially at the bigger festivals you meet so many new fans and friends. What are the plans for 2013? Are you working on a new album?

Dorny: Absolutely, we spent a couple of weeks last fall in Germany and wrote new material, but first we’ll release a new single from the current album. The production and release of the new album depends on how successful the new single will be. Maybe we will continue promoting the current album at this time. But … anyway … there will be a new album rather soon. I saw some of the new photos of the shootings by Ilka Rowehl you did last fall.

Dorny: Yes, she did an amazing job. I really like these photos.

Rich: Yes, we really should replace our current tour pics by those new ones (laughing) They are more intensive and look a little darker … it’s kinda new step in the process of growing. Will the new songs go in the same direction?

Dorny: You’re right, Ilka really did a great job and the new pics are different! The new songs we’ve already written are … of course .. real All Mankind songs but also a little deeper and darker, maybe melancholic … so, the absolutely fit to the new photos. I like the style. Since the last album we learned a lot and got so many new experiences that the new songs are a result of this development. This Schmidt tour is played in rather small venues but the shows are almost sold out, so his must feel pretty good?

Rich: Sure, playing live is fun especially when lots of people show up. After spending so much time in Germany … can you speak German?

Dorny: A little bit …

Rich: I like Käsekuchen (laughing) Alright, always a pleasure meeting you guys … enjoy the tour …

Dorney: Thank you and see you the next time again …

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