Rita Ora / UK Numero Uno / Red Lipstick and party

Rita Ora on entertaim.net

Last year her debut album was storming the European charts and some people say she’s the Rihanna from the United Kingdom. With fresh and hot performances and also good connections to the big stars of Hip Hop the next album is already in progress … finally and also for a release in the USA. ENTERTAIM.NET spoke to Rita about current plans and beauty advices:

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo: Louis Banks

entertaim.net: Hi Rita, how are you? Your debut album „Ora“ was very successful, especially in The UK … Nr. 1 … did you expect such an impact?

Rita Ora: I was overwhelmed by the support! It was an amazing feeling, I defiantly worked really hard, however … you never know how it will go but I’m very happy about the way I was accepted.

entertaim.net: I read that you’re working on the second album which is going to be released in the USA, too … have you already finished the song writing? Can we expect any musical surprises or guest musicians?

Rita Ora: I’ve just started working on it, so I’m excited for everyone to hear it. I think I have grown a lot since my first album … I was 18 on it and I’ve experimented so much in the past 3 years!

entertaim.net: You’re born in Pristina. Would you like to play a couple of shows in the Balkan?

Rita Ora: Yes, actually I did a show in Albania for the 100 year anniversary, it was amazing, the president introduced me on stage and I felt very honored

entertaim.net: You visited the Sylvia Young Theatre School … would it also be a challenge for you to act in another movie or TV show or are you more focused on your musical career?

Rita Ora: My music comes first right now but I would love to act again. I actually had a big role in a film when I was 12 called „Spivs“! I also have a tiny cameo in „Fast and furious“ which is really cool cause the race was set in London!

entertaim.net: Do you have a fave album right now?

Rita Ora: Mumford and sons are my favorites right now, I love their album. I did a cover of the song on radio one …

entertaim.net: For our female readers: Do you have three of your personal beauty advices to look very attractive?

Rita Ora: (laughing) I think you just have to be confident to try new looks and I say a red lipstick fits everyone, just find your right shade and carry it with confidence!

entertaim.net: Thank you

Rita Ora: You’re welcome …