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Miami Beach Lifestyle … Miss competitions, galleries, art, acting and more. Alexia Fonseca enjoys the spirit of Miami which includes the touch of South America and she is one main actress of the movie „Caprikorn“. She talked to us about Miami, feminism and much more …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo: Christopher Makris (top, middle) / Photo (below): Michael Bird for Caprikorn Alexia, first of all … please introduce yourself by telling us what’s your profession in Miami.

A.F.: I am the executive manager for J.W.A. multinationtal galleries and personal assistant for Christopher Randall. What’s the best part of living in Miami?

A.F.: I love Miami for the weather and the social scene. In South Beach there are plenty of opportunities to mingle and entertain yourself, it opens your mind, you look at the brighter side of things. Miami helps you to let go plenty of tabues. It has been helping me to live my own ideals forcing me to be flexible, too. For me Miami is one of the most incredible and beautifull cities in the world. It is exhilarating: The beach, sports, health, nightlife, food, arts, fests, fashion … you name it, we have it all. You worked a long time as a model … and in public relations representing different brands and companies …

A.F.: Yes as a child around 15 years old I was discovered and started an incredible career as a model, I did travel a lot, work with amazing people and companies, create a lifetime of friendships.  I embarked slowly into public relations and I became a professional in the process. What did you like most that time?

A.F.: As for my modeling career traveling and meeting so many people. That’s passion .. traveling … Right now you’re also acting in a movie called CAPRIKORN, a mafia, gangster story such as Miami Vice noire? Have you been a fan of Miami Vice?

A.F.: I grew up dreaming of Miami as a child, all we knew about Miami came from Miami Vice. Wow! Don Johnson …. the glamour, the sun, the ultimate dream …… and today it is a dream came true. CAPRIKORN is a No-Budget-Movie, that means that you work just for fun. What’s the biggest challenge regarding this movie which fascinates you acting in this movie?

A.F.:  I worked next to one of the most acclaimed assistant directors of Hollywood, Ty Arnold, he was my mentor, he is my friend and a person who I admire and respect. Now retired from the big screen he does documentaries as his own pleasure. Working on this movie has been fun, meeting Lars has changed my life in many ways, I can say he gave me an opportunity I am taking seriously for him, for the production and why not …. for me, too. What’s your role?

A.F.: I’m an unpredictable lady with lots of secrets … let’s say I letting out something in me I didn’t knew before that well …. (laughing)

Alexia Fonseca on I guess you look a little like Sophia Loren?

A.F.: (laughing) Thank you! Who is your favourite painter?

A.F.: I like French impressionism including Renoir. What’s your secret of being successful in what you’re doing?

A.F.: Well … at the end I can say: „Do what you love and money will follow“. I read this book, after this my view to what I inclined has changed. I show respect, love and reliability, slowly I earn the trust in all what I’m doing! Are you religious?

A.F.: I do not belong to any religion … but love the Buddhist traditions and their philosophy of detachment, achievement of enlightment. It is a challenge living in this world but not impossible … ok. That is my nerdy side (laughing). What do you think about feminists?

A.F.: I am happy for the impact that feminists had brought up to free countries .. with that regard and all our equalities in comparison with men. What I do not agree with is to forget to embrace to be a women … lovely, delicate, sexy wonderful creatures … one thing is to be free, another to forget who we are by nature. Maybe the definition of a feminist/suffragette is different in the USA from Germany. What I mean is that most of the German „feminists“ think that any kind of bikini shootings, modeling with less clothes and heels is exploitation of women. Even fashion magazines have a touch of sexism. What do you think about these statements living in the city where every woman was born on 6-inch heels?

A.F.: When it comes to fashion I am walking on the edge of sexy and classy, the fact is: I do embrace being a woman ….. a latin woman. Yes, you’re right, some female extremists base their freedom in such comments, once again they need to study how other poor creatures lives in other countries where maybe they are fighting to wear a simple pair of pants …. or heels …. fighting to embrace that feminine side of us. What do you think? All those heels, bikinis, sex appealing clothes were created – in my opinion – cause we are gorgeous, our curves, our figures … we are all nature creatures to look at as a Work of God’s Art …. those who fight against being sexy … why? If they don’t like it, let others enjoy what they do like … why such an envy? Why such comments againts other women? Oh please, I do admire those who love themselves to get ready to dress their own skin in great sexy clothes! Alexia, thank you. Good luck for the future.

A.F.: You’re welcome … and thanks!

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