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When the girls rule the world … but anyway … „money makes the girls go round“ (the title of one single) – Kristy and Lindsey Landers, lead singers of Official Hot Mess, are quite busy … modeling, winning Miss-Competitions and and and .. but … what about the music? Officially OHM released 4 singles with cool videos, so talked to the gorgeous young ladies from Florida about the musical plans.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pictures in courtesy of Official Hot Mess Hi Kristy, you released lots of great new pictures and you had some fashion shootings. Do you concentrate more upon a model career or are you still working on new material for OFFICIAL HOT MESS?

Kristy: We’re always writing material for „Official Hot Mess“ because we have so much fun working together and writing new music. We’re inspired by so many different aspects of our lives and we love writing new music about the things that inspire us. That will always be a big part of our lives. You already released a couple of virtual singles. When will you release an entire album? The last time we did a talking you told me about appointments with labels etc. Do you have any news for us?

Kristy: We’re planning on releasing a full album later this year! We’re so excited for our fans to hear the music we’ve been working on! Also, we just got 4 of our songs placed in a new feature film called „The Wedding Pact“! Check out the movie and listen for „Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round“, „Pick Ur Poison“, „When the Girls Rule the World“ and „Sexy Face“! Do you plan any live shows?

Kristy: We’ve been performing at lots of charity events recently and that’s been a great experience for us. A major goal of ours is to reach a level of success where we can become major contributors and supporters to charities that are close to our hearts like the Wounded Warrior Project, the Boys and Girls Club and the Humane Society. Lindsey, if ‚m right your married right now. Congratulations! Does this have consequences for your musical career?

Lindsey: (laughing) Not at all! Nothing has changed aside from a ring on my finger! My career goals and aspirations remain the same. Do you both have plans to come over to Germany? As a model or musically?

Kristy: We would love to come over to Germany and be able to share our music with our German friends and fans!

Lindsey: Yeah, we hope to be there soon! Kristy, I saw the pics of Miss Lake Eola / Miss Universe … can you tell me more details?

Kristy: I am Miss Lake Eola USA which means that I represent the Central Florida area for the Miss Universe organization. It has been a great experience so far! I’ve been able to get involved with lots of amazing charities like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Boys and Girls Club and I’ve really enjoyed getting more involved in my community. Thank you both so far and let’s talk again regarding your album release …

Lindsey: Deal.

Kristy: Best greetings to Germany …

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