How to make a movie: CAPRIKORN / Interview with screenwriter Michael Bird

Lars Vegas / Caprikorn szene

(Pic: Lars Vegas, Brian Bauza)

It started with MIAMIAN RHAPSODY, the story about Lars Vegas, a crazy, nearly normal and regular guy from a small village in Germany called Ocholt who did a video to a really weird party song named „WANNA BIRD“ in Miami … but now the whole story developed into a dynamic reality movie show and Lars Vegas started to produce the first NO-BUDGET-Movie ever … with lots of expensive equipment that magazines, newspapers and even TV stations doing reports about the curious guy from Germany. But of course every movie needs a good story and after some research we contacted screenwriter „Michael Bird“ to give us some info about all sides of the whole storybehind the movie … and CAPRIKORN is turning into a real weird and exciting running story that will frequently report about all gossip, stories, rumors and background details regarding Caprikorn because this whole think can be a really huge thing and we’re not gonna miss a real story!

Interview: Martin Hannig / Pics by courtesy of Lars Vegas for the motion picture Caprikorn Michael Bird … is this your real name?

Michael Bird: Are you kidding? (laughing) Of course it’s my name as a ghostwriter. Honestly, just take a look at Shakespeare. Who wants to read „Romeo and Juliet“ by Francis Bacon? Real artists do have synonyms … if this movie really sucks … I’ll be fine out, so … (laughing) Will this movie suck?

Michael Bird: Honestly … NO ! I mean, it depends on what you expect … if you expect a billion dollar production by Roland Emmerich or … how was his name … oh yeah … Spielberg … yeah … Caprikorn will not be what you expect. It’s an independent movie, you should never forget this .. but great ideas are not made by mainsteam. By the way … Spielberg’s best movie ever was his debut! Mainstream is entertaining, but not inspiring neither provoking. So, who’s the producer of CAPRIKORN?

Michael Bird: 80% Lars Vegas, 20% will be done in Germany. I’m the co-prroducer and the one who’s writing the story … and the script .. but this is the hardest part. Why?

Michael Bird: Well, usually, you start with the story, then the script, the storyboard etc. … I wrote the story but I’m not able to write the whole script because the situation is changing every day … believe me … nothing is predictable. It’s a No-Budget-movie. This means every actor is doing the job because it’s fun, this means, if any actor has something „better“ to do he or she will not show up in time … if these actors have a contract … you’ll kick them out … but this production is totally different … So, you’re not in Miami?

Michael Bird: Unfortunately not. I’m writing sequences and send them over to Lars … but … please let me go on … one time I wrote a sequence but the 2 women who supposed to show up never arrived at the film set. … but a different girl, so Lars filmed her in the same story … so, I gotta change the script. Then … one day he called me that he’s in Costa Rica and he’s just filming … okay … why Costa Rica … I didn’t have this in mind but I had to change the script …. again … all over again. Sometimes the actors change … whatever! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t complain, but it’s impossible to write the whole script at once because the whole story is so dynamic. Sometimes, when I skype with Lars, I’m not sure if I talk to Lars himself or to the actor or even anybody else. Sometimes it’s really surreal and this is what the movie’s about … fiction and reality will be one … in a really strange way …. I wrote the whole story and the story itself will remain the same but the movie is changing every day into a weird thing! Believe me … I cannot tell you when we will be able to finish the whole project but it will be really, really strange … and unseen. Psychedelic in a way! I watched the 1st trailer …

Michael Bird: … forget about this one … the basics fit but the movie the way it developed did not have anything to do with the current movie except the actresses and actors … and Miami. You told us that 20% will be produced in Germany?

Michael Bird: That’s another aspect why the result will be unpredictable. Different people with different equipment produce this movie with their own sights of things and art that the whole project will get a certain touch of individualism and contingence. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a movie that’s been filmed that way …. So, Lars Vegas is one of the producers and also actor?

Michael Bird: Right, I guess he didn’t expect this while he was doing the video for „Wanna Bird“. Meanwhile he woke up the interest for TV stations in Germany. That’s amazing! How are you gonna make money with this?

Michael Bird: Honestly, I don’t have a clue (laughing). Okay, I have a 50% clue but who knows or maybe I’m not even sure, whatever! For me personally, it’s a question of art! It started as a fun project but right now it’s passion … passion to create something really different and new. For me, personally, it’s all about art … and about bringing this project to a successful finale … success doesn’t mean money in the first case but RECOGNITION for creating something UNSEEN! Of course we’ll offer this movie,  mean we’ll invest a lot … money and time … and nobody rides for free! Is Lars a chaotic personality?

Michael Bird: To be chaotic includes not to have no plan or clue … so, definitely: NO! Sometimes life just depends on circumstances. He’s the motor and willing to realize the whole movie project and I really respect this! Let’s get to the name „CAPRIKORN“ …

Michael Bird: The name „Caprikorn“ was my idea. I don’t want to tell so much details but this title fits like a glove (laughing) … it‘ ambivalent and introduces the people who’ll ever watch this movie to the century of Caprikorn … from the Christian century of the Fish to the Age of Aquarius to the Age of Caprikorn … so the movie must include something really special and I’m spellbound of the idea of creating somehing new and fucking awesome! When will you release the next trailer?

Michael Bird: As soon as possible! Thank you … but … this is weird!

Michael Bird: (lauging) I hope so! See you soon!

(Lars Vegas, Alexia Fonseca, Herbert Hofer)

Lars Vegas and Herbert Hofer at the Caprikorn - Set on