CRASHDIET / Hotel California in Swedish woods

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„The Savage Playground“ is storming the charts and the Sleaze-Metalheads CRASHDIET from Sweden are ready to conquer the world with an expended tour. interviewed singer Simon Cruz about the album, the soul of Sweden, California and much more … by Dennis Rowehl / Photo by Richard Frantzen Congratulations, the new album is awesome … I like especially the track „California“ …

Simon Cruz:  Thank you!! „California“ is a great track, if I may say so myself (laughing)! Actually „California“ is probably the one track on the album that’s a little different from the rest of the songs because this time we tried to do a very organic and ”naked” album, basically to stray a little from our previous albums, whom are very worked-through albums with layers and layers of guitar added on every song. The „Savage Playground“ is more simple, honest and what you hear is what you get. Although „California“ is a song that needs to have a little of depth in it, so there is a lot happenings on that song! Well, during the wintertimes it’s definitely very cold in Sweden? How do you get this California feeling while sitting in the dark? Bands from Norway except A-Ha worship the devil, bands from Finland worship vampires and bands from Sweden are sunworshipper? (laughing)

Simon Cruz: It’s cold indeed! Usually around minus 10 celcius! Well, ”California” was written as a reaction to our first visit to LA. We had very strong impressions from the country we´ve always wanted to invade! The sun, the people, the vibe. It’s truly another world! So we decided to pack all those feelings into a song and the song is basically about a relationship gone wrong … and how you miss your girl strolling the streets of LA. I saw on your tour plan that you fly over to Brazil just to play two shows. Do you at least produce a video there?

Simon Cruz: (laughing) Yeah, we love Brazsil. We would fly to do ONE show there if the opurtunity came up. Well, regarding a video, who knows! Maybe so! We usually film a lot from ourtouring, so even if we don’t specifically shoot a video for a song over there, footage from shows in Brazil will definately show up on our next DVD! On one hand Swedish movies are mostly very dark and depressing, on the other hand there are so many fun spreading Rock and Roll and Glam Metal bands like you guys, Crazy Lixx, Crucified Barbara? How do these two sides fit together? Something like Yin Yan?

Simon Cruz: Well, I think Sweden produces one of the best movies in the world! Especially drama. There is a certain sadness that wanders in the woods and fortunatly we have really good directors here, so movies usually turn out really great. Regarding the ”Party-bands” being common over here I think it’s mainly because we have such huge freedom when it comes to music. The government really promotes kids to start bands and even give you money so that you can pay for your rehearsal-rooms. Metal in general is very mainstreem here also, so people are not afraid to walk around with spikey hair, bullet-belts, make up. And even though we live in a cold country – we are a happy bunch of people !! Glam Metal becomes more and more a strong market again and bands like Steel Panther play in big venues. What’s the best part of Glam Metal for you?

Simon Cruz: I guess the best part is that Glam or Sleaze-Metal is basically made up of really simple rules but is really hard to write! At least good enough to stick out. It’s actually pop  but with distorted guitars (laughing)! We are huge fans of LADY GAGA … honestly … and if you listen closely to our music … you will take notice of this! By the way … not many bands do wild backstage parties these days … what about you guys?

Simon Cruz: Join us and see for yourself (laughing) …. Deal! … How are the album sales, downloads?

Simon Cruz: Album sales so far have been great! No. 1 on the Swedish list of best selling Hardrock-acts. And No. 2 on the general list! Downloads will probably fire off fine as well, as will streaming services like Spotify etc. The tour will also be great! We have 60 shows already booked from February to June around the world. So see you guys on tour! See you backstage (laughing)

Simon Cruz: Deal.