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The 4th album with a solid international standard but nevertheless TIDE know(s) about the problems for a band from Slovenia to become more famous in Germany, the UK and other West European countries. At least they got the chance to support SLASH. Interview with singer Kevin Koradin.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by Ziga Lovsin

entertaim.net: You just released your 4th album and you’re rather successful in Slovenia and Croatia but unfortunately not that known in Germany, the UK etc. What are you going to do to change this?

Kevin Koradin: There is very little we can do since these are big countries with a lot of ground to cover. For a band like us, coming from such a small country, it is hard to find the necessary resources to afford paying promotion and booking in Germany. We would have to rely on someone who believes and invests in talent but that kind of company seems nearly impossible to find for a Slovenian band. However, we keep making albums and sending promos, hoping someone might come along and give us a proper chance to become an international act.

entertaim.net: The last album has been released by a German label for the German market but the job they did was not satisfying for you. Do you have international partners with the new album?

K.K.: Their job was less than satisfying, what this label did was next to null, really nothing. We didn’t even receive the Cd’s we paid for, they were never delivered to us. To my knowledge that album wasn’t released anywhere except on Itunes. We could say that we have been scammed big time.

entertaim.net: Are there plans to come over to play some shows in Austria and Germany?

K.K.: Wish I could say yes, there is nothing more than a band would like but we need a booker willing to take this band on the road without any pr-conditions like “the band needs to have an album released in Germany“, “international distribution“ etc. … this band can prove and make a name for itself on the road and all the rest will follow. We just have to perform live. Who buys CDs anyway, the only real place for selling CDs and merchandise nowadays are concert venues.

entertaim.net: By the way … what are the tour plans for 2013? I heard about a gig with Slash?

K.K.: Yes! We have a big show coming up this friday, opening for Slash and his band in Hala Tivoli Ljubljana. As far as summer festivals are concerned we will know more in March or April. With the new album out we should play many festivals this summer but let’s wait and see how everything play’s out for us.

entertaim.net: How important is it for a band to produce a video? Do you have any platforms in Slovenia?

K.K.: It’s important to a certian extent but not as important as it used to be in the past since the only real platform for videos today is the internet. A lot of important TV stations want to exploit bands, especially those coming from southern and eastern countries, by making them pay for a fictional rotation. Most of the times maybe the video gets played once and these already poor bands just end up wasting their hard earned money. So to answer briefly I would say that we all keep making videos to post on the internet where people can look for them for free but for this reason the budget of these videos is lower than what it used to be in the past.

entertaim.net: Let’s get back to Slash! You’re the support act … how does this feel?

K.K.: A little bit nervous, obviously we want to leave a good impression and perhaps open up some new opportunities for the band. We all grew up listening to Slash and Guns’n’Roses, so it’s really exciting for us to have been chosen as his support band. We have been chosen in 2007 by Iron Maiden as their support band which only proves that Tide is a quality band that makes good international music. Maybe nothing will happen after this concert but at least we can dream for a few more days.