Emanuela / The Balkan Queen of Folk-Pop

Emanuela on entertaim.net

Emanuela from Bulgaria is one of the big stars of Balkan Folk-Pop and her videos frequently run on Balkanika Music TV and FEN TV. We talked to the lovely young lady about her plans and about some private things …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of ARA Music

entertaim.net: Emanuela, you’re definitely one of the superstars in Pop of Bulgaria and of Balkanika Music Television! How does this feel?

Emanuela: Hello! First, I’d like to thank you for the kind words and the evaluation. This flatters me, but I’m so down to Earth person and I don’t really feel like a star. It’s important for me that people like the music I’m making. Pop-folk is the most liked genre in Bulgaria at the moment and my colleagues and me are trying to make the best pop-folk songs. I have a great support by FEN TV and Balkanika Music Television. I’m thankful they always support me and my work.

entertaim.net: Do you also have live performances outside Bulgaria?

Emanuela: Yes. I frequently travel to Belgium, Holland, Germany and Spain. Last month I was in Cyprus with my colleague Jordan, with whom we have two duets – “Ot Moyata Usta” (“From My Mouth”) and “Emanuela”. There we sang to the Bulgarian community in Cyprus, Limassol. Their attitude was wonderful.

entertaim.net: Taking a look at the artists on Balkanika Music TV just some singers from Rumania like Alexandra Stan are successful in the West European countries like Germany and England. Have you ever thought about singing in English to conquer the international market?

Emanuela: Yes, my producer Viktor Kasamov and me and are working on something like that. But I’ll talk about it when it’s a fact.

entertaim.net: Okay,  what are your further projects for 2013?

Emanuela: At the moment I’m preparing my third studio album with my producer Viktort Kasamov from Ara Music. It’ll be out very soon. I hope it will be as successful as the previous two – “Burya ot emocii” (A Storm Of Emotions”) and “Zapoznay Ya s men” (“Introduce Her To Me”).

entertaim.net: Let’s talk about the private Emanuela? What are your hobbies? What kind of music and artists do you listen to?

Emanuela: Maybe it will sound strange but I just love decorating the shoes I buy. I arrange them in my own with stones and sequins. I like also listening to music. I love Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli and Robbie Williams.

entertaim.net: If you had an unlimited budget … what kind of video with a story you’d like to do?

Emanuela: Huhh …. well, if I had unlimited budget for a video, I would give away 80 percent of the money for children in orphanages. The other part will use for my video. I think it will be based on children’s orphanages in Bulgarian. I am so on the social topic which is very close to my heart.

entertaim.net: Is there a chance to meet you in Germany this year?

Emanuela: Yes, of course. I hope I’ll visit you very soon after the great party we had in Berlin in December.

entertaim.net: Sounds awesome. Emanuela, thanks so far and see you then ….

Emanuela: Thank you very much!

Emanuela Interview with Dennis Rowehl on entertaim.net