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Sarah Beeharee aka Sasha Cane is rocking the UK and even the whole world being a modeling and posing main attraction on the internet … as a bikini and lingerie model and even in the erotic and softcore section. After a maternity break she’s back and ready to strike. scheduled an interview with the gorgeous model and hottie from the United Kingdom to talk about plans, drinks and her musical experiences.

Pics by courtesy of Sarah Beeharee / Interview by D. Rowehl First of all, thank you for your time. Let’s start with your projects for this year. Are you already booked for shootings for magazines and fashion-/lingerie labels?

Sarah: I have a few shoots booked up, mainly for English newspapers and magazines, also magazines in Australia. In fact I will be coming to shoot in Germany in march for Orion … I’ve worked with them before, they are a underwear and costumes catalogue! Among other things … something different: In which way did the maternity change your life? Personal and regarding business?

Sarah: Having a baby has obviously meant that I had to stop working for a while, I’ve been doing a few shoots recently but definitely not as much as I used to, to be honest my main focus is on being a great mummy! You work as an erotic/softcore model but also for more serious calendar and fashion shootings. In which section will you set your focus for the future?

Sarah: I prefer the calendar/fashion shoots really … and to be honest … this is all I’m doing now. You appear in the internet under different names: Sasha Cane, Sasha Kiss, Sarah Beeharee …. isn’t that too confusing for the public? By the way … did you choose all those names?

Sarah: Well … only 2 …. Sarah and Sasha … my real name was for the softer stuff and Sasha for the more the naughtier stuff, my wild side (laughing) What’s the best part of your model job?

Sarah: Honestly … The best part of my job has been travelling and seeing so many beautiful places! Is it true that people from the UK … also the female … still like to party and drink a lot? Like Petsy Kensit? (laughing)

Sarah: Yes it true, but I think that you could say that for young people all over the world …. although English people do tend to start at a younger age I guess. German start with beer … or they used to start … whatever … Sarah, what’s your favourite drink?

Sarah: My favourite drink is gin and tonic …. but I don’t really drink … my REAL favourite drink is a nice cup of tea! ha! How Rock and Roll!! (laughing) (laughing) The British way of Rock and Roll …. by the way … the UK is still strong in creating trends and music styles. What kind of music do you like?

Sarah: I really like all music, except real Heavy Metal and Country stuff … That’s terrible … the UK invented Metal …

Sarah: Yeah but … I love House music and Drum and Bass. Have you ever thought about singing or founding your own band?

Sarah: Funnily enough I was in a band for a while! Really?

Sarah: Yes. A few years ago, we got signed to Sony! But then I had to leave as couldnt do the band and model …. they ended up splitting up anyway and didn’t last long so I made the right choice! Which band?

Sarah: (laughing) Well, … Sarah … by the way … I agree you did the right choice. So, thank you very much …

Sarah: Thank you!

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