CLUTCH / From Germantown to Germany

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Cologne. The new album will come out this March but the band’s already on the promo tour. Bass player Dan Maines talked to us about the plans for 2013, band rituals and hanging around in Germany.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Weathermaker Music Hi Dan, you enjoyed the tour so far?

Dan Maines: Sure, we love to play live. You’re from a city called Germantown … so you guys got a certain connection to Germany?

Dan Maines: (laughing) Well, this is where CLUTCH was originally from. But I don’t speak German. What do you think about those trendy music styles like dub-step?

Dan Maines: Honestly I don’t take too much attention in electronic music. I used to like watching break dance … but that’s it. Clutch is still growing … the charts position became better every new album … so what are you doing to become more and more successful?

Dan Maines: Well, it’s great that we become bigger step by step. It’s a slow building process. What we’re doing?  … There’s no secret … just playing live as much as we can. Do you have some band rituals?

Dan Maines: Huh … I think just hanging around 1 hour right before the show, warming up and writing the setlist. Every show we’ve got a different setlist … Well, that’s kind of a ritual … so why do you change it each show?

Dan Maines: To remain spontanious and fresh. We don’t like a routine, so we change the songs every show that people never know what they expect. We’ve got material of 23 years … so why playing the same stuff every show? Do you have a question you’ve never been asked before and you’d like to talk about?

Dan Maines: Ahh … not really. Well, we’ve got a new album and just want to promote it. We play this tour and this summer we’ll do another festival tour in Europe and will book some club shows between. Which market is very important for you?

Dan Maines: Especially in Scandinavia, but also in Germany, the US … so we love touring. You arrived in Cologne yesterday and you had a day off. How did you guys spent your time?

Dan Maines: We were out, close to the Cathedral, we had dinner, traditional German food and beer. This was nice! Dan, thanks so far … and good luck with the new album …

Dan Maines: Thank you