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YOUR ARMY (by) Dennis Rowehl on

YOUR ARMY … this female fronted Rock band from the UK really convinced me on stage with unique and great songs and a fresh and inspiring performance. Of course it’s not predictable if a band will really make it …. so many different variables … but there’s a high potential that this band can be really successful. So, check out YOUR ARMY from Brighton …

Interview and pictures: Dennis Rowehl

Lucy Caffrey – Vocals
Chris Skelly – Guitar/Vocals
Simon Key – Bass
Andrew Hollick – Drums/Vocals/Piano Did you enjoy Germany?

Chris: Of course. We’re many times in Germany cause our label is located in Hanover, Intono Records … … what leads me to the next question. Can you tell me the connection between a British newcomer band and a German indie label? Did you contact them?

Chris: Ace (Skunk Anansie) is a good friend of our band and he supports us with managing and more. He got the contact to Intono Records, the labe liked and signed us. We’re really happy about this. Now you’re on the promo tour in Germany. How many people show up per show?

Lucy: Between 50 and 200. We play in rather small venues but we’re happy about every new fan. Not bad for the debut and a newcomer band’s headliner tour without the support of television. Who’s responsible for social network?

Chris: Each of us! So we’re rather busy. I guess you don’t have a roadie yet? This must be hard especially for the drummer …?

Andrew: (laughing) I tell you … I read on your facebook site that you love liquor … Lucy, partying must be hard for your voice?

Lucy: I’m a little hoarse after a couple of shows and hard nights. The most dangerous but great thing about Germany is that bands get free beer, so we gotta drink (laughing). In the UK we have to pay for everything … so we all love Germany so much! You’re album will be out soon … physically. Do you have any expectations yet?

Andrew: Not really but we appreciate that some radio stations play our songs, this might help a lot. Will you play some festivals this year, too?

Lucy: We hope so. Especially for newcomer bands this is a great opportunity to get in contact with new fans.

Chris: Festivals will be great, it’s always a great chance to share the stage with huge bands. Thanks so far … all the best for the release.

Band: Thank you and enjoy the show!

Lucy of YOUR ARMY by Dennis Rowehl on