Napalm Death / Relaxed but still grinding

Napalm Death on

Cologne. January. The MTC, just a small venue, but sold out! About 300 fans found the way to see legendary NAPAM DEATH live on stage. Two hours ago Mark „Barney“ Greenway enjoyed spaghetti and orange juice … even Punk-Core-Metalists enjoy fresh and healthy food … was very relaxed and while one of the support bands checked the sound we had a nice talking about music, being on stage and the future of metal and punk.

Interview and photo: Dennis Rowehl Hi Barney, after so many years of Napalm Death do you still feel the energy before entering the stage.

Barney: If this was no fun I wouldn’t do this. If you don’t like to play live you should stay at home watching TV. I really appreciate that shows are sold out and our fans show up to see us live. You’ll never know how long you’re able to do this. When you’re writing and recording a new album, isn’t it hard to get new ideas? I mean so many songs have already been written, so many chords have already been played … ?

Barney: Well, honestly when we make a new album we don’t think too much about things like this. It’s just a flow. We don’t think about trying something really different or to try something extreme. We just do what we do … So it must be hard not to cover yourself?

Barney: (laughing) There’s always the possibility that some new parts have similarities to older songs but we don’t think about things like this while writing new material. Napalm Death used to be one of the most extreme bands, right now ther are so many sub genres of Metal and Punk which become more and more extreme. Did you expect something in the early days of Napalm Death?

Barney: No, how could I? Music develops and you’ll never know this musical evolution. 30 years ago Metallica was very extreme .. now it’s not. But there are new bands which explore new extreme ways, some are pretty good, some I don’t really like. So, I have no idea what will be in 5 years … Do you still like Metallica?

Barney: I like the old stuff. Kill’em all, Ride the lightning … Will Napalm Death still be there … in 5 years?

Barney: Who knows? We’ll do this as long as we like it and we’re able to do it … at least 3 years … right now we really enjoy this and we’re doing well. Small venues but sold out. Thanks to our fans! Barney, thank you very much and all the best for the future.

Barney: Thank you!