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Interview with singer/songwriter Alice X, by Dennis Rowehl / Pic: Felix Mayr Right now you play lots of shows in the Netherlands. When do you expect to play further shows in Germany, Belgium etc.?

Alice X: That’s true, at the moment we play several shows in the Netherlands, because me and my band study there. But when there’s a possibility to play in Germany or even other places in Europe we would take the chance and do it. I heard that you work on your debut album but some songs are already finished. So when do you think the album will be ready for the release? Do you have a label yet?

Alice X: Most of the songs are ready by now and I still have to work on some of the songs. My management team is working on finding a compatible label for the album. I read on your facebook site that one of your sources of inspiration … but you don’t sound like this (smiling) … so what are your musical idols for the music you’re doing right now?

Alice X: I’m inspired by a couple of artists and music styles. One of my first favourite artists is Stevie Wonder. He is the reason I started to write on my own music and I love his personality, his songs and his voice. Apart from that I am inspired by other singer songwriters as Adele, Selah Sue, Amy Winehouse, James Morrisson and The Beatles. It’s not that easy these times for a song writer right at the beginning. What are you guys doing to become more and more famous?

Alice X: I know that the time for beginning singer songwriters is not that easy. So I am very thankful to have a good manager team which supports me and the band on our way and organizes many things to get our music heard. I also read you’ve got a Russian origin. Wouldn’t it be a challenge to play some gigs in Russia?

Alice X: Ohh, I would be the happiest girl on earth if this became reality. That’s a really cool idea. So, just go for it. Thank you so far …

Alice X: Thank you. It was a pleasure!