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A baby doll face and a body to die for … Jenny Poussin is definitely one of the hottest, most beautiful and adorable models of the whole world. The famous erotic, fitness and glam model from Canada valorized many, many magazines making male hearts leap for joy. I had the honor of doing a personal interview with the sympathic cover model about her current and future projects, great and bad experiences in the model and erotic biz … and advices to stay healthy and sexy.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / All pics by courtesy of Jenny Poussin Hi Jenny, it’s very an honor talking to you …

Jenny Poussin: Thank you, Dennis … Well, you live in Montreal. Have you ever thought about moving to Miami or LA cause of the weather?

Jenny: (laughing) It’s kind of a Canadian habit to buy or to rent appartments in Florida for the winter times, so eventually I’ll do it, too … sometimes. So you’ll become a real snowbird then?

Jenny: (laughing) Oh no, I promise I’ll never be a typical snowbird. Usually I spend some time in Miami two or three times a year for shootings. There are so beautiful beaches and great sights, it’s always fun to be in Miami. I love it. You’re a very successful erotic, fitness and glam model. What are your current projects and do you already have shootings for 2013?

Jenny: I’ll be on the cover of a fitness magazine soon: Planet Muscles, and there will be a couple of shootings for cataloques, fashion and lingerie, this January and February. So, there’s lots of work to do. My personal project at the moment is that I started writing for comic books and novels in cooperation with many other artists. I have two comic books called “Ensign Jenny” (an Erotic Star Trek parody – already out) and “Special Ops Jenny” (an Action-Erotic adventure). And my BIG project “Morgana” (a fantasy-action graphic novel based on my poetry). Morgana will also be an indy film (you can see a short Teaser here:

Jenny Poussin on You did lots of shootings for huge magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Maxim and more. What was the most exciting shooting you still remember?

Jenny: Well, I had a shooting in South America, in the mountains of Costa Rica and the trip was really an adventure with a 4-wheel-Jeep in the middle of nowhere and there was nobody to ask for the right direction. This was kinda scary but at the end we reached a beautiful place where we did the shooting. By the way .. when you’re on vacation … what do you prefer? The beaches, culture …?

Jenny: Honestly, I like action and adventures. Of course I like the beaches but after 3 hours I really need adventures (laughing)! You started your career in the erotic business, did you make bad experiences you can tell us as a warning for young ladies who want to get into this business?

Jenny: Honestly, I didn’t make any bad experiences but you really need to know what you’re doing and you need to be aware that there are doubtful people in the biz. How do you keep yourself healthy and in such an amazing shape?

Jenny: Don’t eat fast food … okay, maybe once a month but that’s definitely enough! I eat healthy food and at least 3 times a week I do my exercises … … are you a vegetarian?

Jenny: No, I also eat chicken and fish. Sorry. Do you have a Top-5-list what a young lady has to do to look attractive and totally sexy?

Jenny: (laughing) Wow … hold on a second … maybe I’ve got a Top-3-list … first of all it’s important to be and feel healthy. You just can look that way if you are in a good condition. You can try to look good with make-up but to be healthy is the key …. mmhh what else … of course High Heels make you look very sexy … I really love my 6 inch heels. Jenny, what is the best part of your life as a model?

Jenny: Freedom! The freedom to do whatever and whenever I want. That’s the best part! Of course you need discipline … to get up early, to make your exercises, to eat healthy food etc . but at the end I decide what kind of shooting and job I’m going to do. Do you manage yourself or do you have a manager?

Jenny: I do everything on my own … Will you come to Germany soon?

Jenny: I’d love to. Who knows? I heard about so many good places to party, so I really have to come over … Absolutely! Jenny, thank you so much for the interview. Do you have a final statement especially for your German fans?

Jenny:  I’ve had the chance to meet and become friends with many Germans. I love the culture, the people, the spirit … a special Big Kiss and an Amazing 2013 to all my friends and fans there! Jenny, Thanks a lot …

Jenny: My pleasure …

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