MINNK / The American Way of Glam Girls

MINNK on entertaim.net

A friend of mine sent me some links of a brand new pop diva duo named MINNK, told me about the successful networking and that these girls are ready to strike. So I contacted Karen Stella Jane and Michelle Slayden to talk about their future plans in music, fashion and the American Way of Glam.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of MINNK

entertaim.net: Michelle and Karen, you look like the typical glam girls or even It-Girls (smiling) Are you more model or singers/songwriters?

Karen: Michelle and I are enjoying what we do for our passion which is writing songs and then creatively singing them with style. We both grew up as an only child, and of course as mamas do for their only daughters majority spoils them in girly pretty trendy clothes so we’ve been exposed to loads of great fashion at a young age!

entertaim.net: So you do like shopping?

Michelle: (laughing) Oh yeah … we love to shop!!!!!! Every chance we get we are always shopping for our photo shoots, appearances, and performances. We find shopping so much fun that we never have enough time.  Shopping is the essence to our career at the moment.  We feel when we look good… we perform better!

entertaim.net: A friend of mine told me about you … is there a whole album in progress? What are your steps? A video production?

Karen:  Yes, there seems to be a digital buzz about MINNK that’s who we are: Michelle & Karen, our first names initials mirrored combined. We have been working very hard now for the past year with Hit Writers and Music Producers in Los Angeles.  We plan to release our first single in February 2013. Until then, we are like secret agents in the industry of Electro/Pop Music– about to explode with our hit single soon.

entertaim.net: All right! You’re from L.A. and many, many people are still dreaming about Hollywood and the glamour … what’s the best part about L.A. … personally?

Karen: Many people in L.A. dream about Hollywood Glamour,  Michelle and I believe in the American Dream because to IMAGINE is everything!

entertaim.net: What are your musical idols?

Michelle: Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston.

entertaim.net: There’s a good connection between you and Royal Coyote, so you’ll show up in Austria soon. Will you play some shows there?

Karen:  We met up with Royal Coyote in Las Vegas 2012 and we have great ambition to collaborate in Austria soon. Our collaboration will lead us to definitely perform a special upbeat energetic make you jump and dance song for everyone next year 2013.

entertaim.net: Will you come to germany, especially to Cologne then, too?

Karen: Germany, Cologne, Austria … you name it, MINNK loves to travel and with our endless passion for music …

entertaim.net: … and shopping …

Karen: … (laughing) Right. We plan to spread our love for songs around the world …

entertaim.net: Now my last question … do you have a top-5-list of what a woman/girl should do to look sexy and totally attractive?

Michelle: Okay … here we go …  MINNK’s Top 5 list for being sexy and totally attractive: 1st: Be yourself, express yourself with your STYLE … 2nd: Paint your LIPS with passion ….. pink or red! 3rd: Be CONFIDENT …  what we see mainly depends on what we look for! 4th: Move your body … BODY LANGUAGE is the key! 5th: A GOOD SMELL … put on your favourite lotion after the shower slightly wet, then spritz your fave perfume.body language, smell good, Royal Coyote,

entertaim.net: Alright, thanks so far …

Michelle and Karen: Thank you …