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Fashion is passion. TV shows deal with models and shootings but who is doing the fashion itself? interviewed fashion designer Jessica Jagec about inspirations, creating fashion and finally distribution and about what’s going on beyond the catwalk …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Jessica Jagec Hi Jessica, you’re a fashion dsigner. You’re from Slovenia but right now you live in the UK, if I’m right?

Jessica Jagec: No, I am currently still in Slovenia since I have just shown my full Spring summer collection in Ljubljana. But I am moving back to the UK in February. So you’re 50% right. I have spend one semester at Winchester school of art and I loved it. I liked the school system and I was very inspired at that time. Being in London is very creative since you see people dressed very well and  I also visit museums and galleries quite often. It’s a city of fashion! For someone who’s not out of the fashion business … what exactly are you doing? Designing fashion or are you also engaged in doing the whole marketing including fashion shows, shootings etc.?

J.J.: I have to admit that so far I am working on everything myself. At first it all starts with inspiration, researching and sketches. It’s the basic begining of the collection. Then you start on tailoring and then I pass my sketches on to my sewing team. I work with them very closely to make sure the collection comes out just as I want. The next stage is planing on photo shoots and of course on a lookbook and then it all starts with PR and organizing models, make up artists hair dressers and all the necessary team for the fashion show coming up. It’s quite a lot and I was very under stress last three months since I just showed my full spring summer collection. How and where do you get your inspirations? Apart from museums?

J.J.: Actually everywhere. I like to inspire myself from the things I love. History books, Disney, fairytales, or even some paintings. Anything really. I can not control it it just comes as I take my sketch book and start drawing. A lot of my work is done from reconstructing history tailoring but I guess that is or was also just a stage since my new collection does look very futuristic. Are your creations available even at retailers or do you design and manufacture unique dresses?

J.J.: So far they are unique, have never made one creation twice but I would of course also be interested on bigger collections working with bigger clients. But as long as I worked in Slovenia such work wasn’t possible since Slovenia has a small fashion industry and no big clients. That is one of the reasons I am moving to UK as well. How long are you in the fashion business yet?

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J.J.: Well, I am drawing designing and cuting fabric around for whole my life, but I am working on producing big collections every season for almost three years now. It is my passion. What are your plans for 2013. Any big fairs and fashion weeks?

J.J.: I have been invited to Zagreb fashion week in Croatia and I am really looking forward and then we see how it goes. I hope for UK as well. What is the best part of your profession?

J.J.: Doing what I love to do. Its not a ‚job‘. It’s my passion and it’s never hard to go and sketch or make a dress. I love to research take a look at other designers and artists I love to photograph and do everything that is creative. And the best part is when you get absolutely no sleep for month when you work actively on the collection and the day you show your collection and you’re done with interviews and fashion bloggers and the next day you get great review on your collection. It is the best feeling ever! Jessica, thanks so far … let’s continue in about half a year …

J.J.: My pleasure …

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