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She’s the main attraction on stage, at expos and on magazine covers … breathtaking and cute model Mandy Leon from Pennsylvania talks about shootings, GoGo Dancing, music and more …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Mandy Leon Hi Mandy, how are you doing? What are your projects for 2013 yet?

Mandy Leon: I’m doing great! Happy New Year to everyone viewing this! I have a lot of great things on the way for 2013!  I will be hosting some pretty big events. Along with hosting I am booked for car shows and GoGo dancing gigs. I am living in the United States, on the East Coast so this summer I will be traveling to network and meet more of my fans in person all around the US. I have photo shoots and video shoots lined up as well! I do a lot of boxing events, too. I work as a ring card girl and promo model. Right now I am starting my own clothing line and brand, the official launch will be announced on all of my social media sites. I hope to have that launched before 2014!  Stay tuned for my brand new web site as well! All of my fans will be able to purchase my merchandise and posters! Apart from shootings you appear in music videos? What kind of music do you like? Do you ever thought about singing?

Mandy Leon: Yes, I appear in music videos as well. Acting is another passion of mine and so far I have been in 4 music videos. I will be attending many castings this year, so I am sure you will be seeing me in many more (laughing)  I love all genres of music! For me, music is the best escape. I listen to Hip-hop, Rock, R&B, House Music, Rap, Trance, Dubstep, Pop, EVERYTHING! I have thought about singing, I’ve been told I have a nice voice a few times. You never know what can happen! Maybe I’ll become a singer one day too (laughing). You did lots of shootings for different magazines. What kind of shooting do you like most? What was the best experience you’ve ever had?

Mandy Leon: I think my best experience and what I like most about shooting is the fact that I can be myself and just blast my music and let my mind free, that’s when my best images are captured. I love meeting everyone on set and networking while having fun and working at the same time. You’re also an experienced GoGo dancer. Is this more than just a great exercise to remain in a good shape (laughing)? How does it feel to see all those male people melt in the heat?

Mandy Leon: (laughing) GoGo Dancing is a lot fun for me. Yes, it is a great way to stay in shape and exercise, but I also love being able to let loose and get the crowd pumped up while the music plays. There is nothing better than having a live DJ mixing amazing songs while I get to stand on stage and dance my booty off like no one is watching!  (Smiling) Not to mention the outfits I get to wear are super cute! I love working as a GoGo Dancer and knowing that I bring in crowds of people that get excited when they see me dancing and then they start dancing too and having the time of their lives! I bet …  I saw some great pics of you in tuning magazines? Do you like fast cars?

Mandy Leon: Thank you! Yes I am featured in a few magazines and online magazines as an import model!  I love cars! What kind of shooting would be the biggest challenge for you?

Mandy Leon: I don’t think there was ever a shoot that I had a challenge with. Usually all of the shoots I do I am always very comfortable with them. I always make the best out of every situation so that my images turn out looking great! One last question. How should the man of your live should look like? What’s more important: Body, attitude or inner values?

Mandy Leon: Honestly, the first thing that attracts me to a man is his personality. Looks are important, but I prefer a guy with morals and respect. I like a guy that knows how to carry himself with class and confidence. Thank you very much, Mandy.

Mandy Leon: Thank YOU so much!!

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