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Nazis in space (Iron Sky), Zombie-Nazis in the middle of nowhere … somewhere in Sweden (Dead Snow) … please welcome Nazis as vampires. Nelson Angel Ricardo created a new truth of the myth of Dracula with the touch of martial arts, war machines and … the dark decade of German history … Interesting actors and actresses belong to the cast of this movie so as Michael Madsen and Cynthia Rothrock. Sounds curious, crazy, weird … as the first German Magazine we proudly present the first interview about a movie that’s going to be realized in Miami.

Interview with producer Nelson Angel Ricardo

entertaim.net: Nelson, what a crazy story (laughing) Nazis and vampires! There are already stories about Nazis in space – „Iron Sky“ – which has been a rather successful movie… Zombie Nazis in „Dead Snow“  … so, what’s the fascination about Nazis in the Horror- or SciFi-section?

Nelson Angel Ricardo: That’s simple. The Nazis were into the occult. This is perfect for a horror genre film, as long as it is original and good.

entertaim.net: What exactly was the inspiration for the story?

Nelson Angel Ricardo: Fact and fiction. Where is Draculas body? Where is Hitlers body? Well, sometimes people wonder … it’s a source of inspirations ….

entertaim.net: You’ve got great names in the cast, especially martial arts experts! Which martial arts do you practice?

Nelson Angel Ricardo: I have 6 black belts in 7 disciplines under 8 international federations, all Japanese. JUJITSU,AIKILITSU, KENJITSU, AIKIDO, KARATE, JIDO …

entertaim.net: I think, it’s pretty cool and inspiring having an idea for a movie and having the guts to realize this … what’s the biggest challenge to make it all happen?

Nelson Angel Ricardo: Honestly … Chasing the money and finding the money is the hardest task, the rest is easy.

entertaim.net: Are there any pretty chicks in the movie, too?

Nelson Angel Ricardo: We are presently looking at several very pretty women of all ages for our film. (laughing)

entertaim.net: What’s your personal fave movie at the time?

Nelson Angel Ricardo: I love all movies in general, even the worse ones have something to offer!

entertaim.net: Good luck and looking forward to continue the interview face2face !!

Nelson Angel Ricardo: Thank you. Dito. God bless you!

Dracula on entertaim.net