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The Chinese and Russian origin combined with the Canadian way of life made Mandy Monroe from Toronto become a well-known model especially in the tuning- and bike scene that her sexy appearance decorates many calendars. So we really got to schedule a nice small talking to introduce gorgeous Mandy to our readership …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Photos by courtesy of Mandy Monroe

black boots pic by Lucio Fratelli / bikini pic by Todd Gillis / silver top pic by Kevin Jaiden Chow Mandy, you’re a well known model especially in Canada with many calendar shootings and appearances at expos for tuning, cars and bikes. What kind of car do you drive?

Mandy Monroe: I drive a 2001 Honda Prelude. But I’d kill for a brand new Chevy Camaro! What kind of shootings do you love most? Fashion? Calendars?

Mandy: Calendar shoots are best because they are straight to the point, I do my job and I’m out! You look absolutely gorgeous. How hard is it or how much discipline do you need to stay in a perfect shape? A strict diet or lots of exercises?

Mandy: Thank you! Honestly I do nothing at all. It is catching up to me slowly though. I just checked your youtube-channel. You really like hard and rocking music like Deftones, Sevendust etc. … have you ever thought about acting in a Rock or Metal music video? … by the way … do you sing or play an instrument?

Mandy: One of my dreams is to be in a rock video, I always wanted to be Alicia Silverstone in the Aerosmith videos. I sing when i’m alone, and attempted to play guitar years ago but I didn’t have the patience. When you was a young girl you wanted to become a vegerinarian … do you still love animals? Do you have a dog?

Mandy: I love animals more than I like humans. I have a beautiful Great Dane, her name is Whiskey. She is my life, my child! Thank you, Mandy … so, hopefully cool Metal and Rock bands will book you soon for a video …

Mandy: Yeah .. thank you.

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