SPIT LIKE THIS / The Normalityville Horror Picture Show

SPIT LIKE THIS interview on entertaim.net

Normality sucks and SPIT LIKE THIS are going to spice up the lives of their fans with spectacular life shows. But a good show needs a professional preparations. Bass player Vikki Spit talked about tour life, inspirations, Wacken and her experiences as an attractive female musician in a man’s world …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Spit like this

entertaim.net: You released your new album „Normalityville Horror“ and you play many gigs especially in the UK. Will you come over to Germany next year?

Vikki: I hope so, we’ve played several times in Germany, it’s always been great. We played Wacken a couple of years ago ..

entertaim.net: Wow, really?

Vikki: It was incredible. Really hoping to play it again. We find the audiences in Germany a lot more fun than in the UK. They appreciate the work musicians put  in to what they do, and  they’re also not afraid to show they are having a good time, which for the band is great, we want to see people enjoying themselves as much as we are.

entertaim.net: Normalityville Horror … How do you live your life to avoid being captured by the normal horror or horror of „normal“ people?

Vikki: Easy. I spend my life travelling around  dressing up and making obnoxious amounts of noise and  getting paid for it, or else, getting  paid to make t-shirts with obnoxious slogans on. I work when I want to, I get up when I want to, I have stupid cars and stupid cats. It is astonishingly hard work, I basically run two businesses, it is a true punk, DIY ethic. I am not a „weekend rocker“. I don’t cover up my ink on a Monday and  head into the office – I do.  Gig make some tees, get some new ink!

entertaim.net: The new album reminds me a little bit of the Rocky Horror Picture Show meeting Charly’s Angels in a new fashioned comic design. Are you kinda inspired by that movie or even by Charly’s Angels?

Vikki: We actually do a cover of Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Show, we stopped doing it for a while, but had to put it back in the set a  people complained! We all love the Rocky Horror Show- who doesn’t?!

entertaim.net: Most of the Rock bands tell me that there are no wild backstage parties cause everybody … especially the singer…  has to concentrate upon the music. What about you guys. If you don’t party all night long I’ll be really disappointed (laughing) …

Vikki: I can tell you exactly what goes on in backstage at one of our gigs … Zion stays backstage drinking throat coat tea and warming up. I make sure we have food and water, I set up our  merchandise table,  I manage our merchandise table. Rob, the guitarist, and drummer Gilez sit around and  chat. We generally have to pack up and load out as quickly as possible after the show as we always have a long drive to the next venue. So I’m afraid no wild parties. And just to ruin it further for you, we don’t actually drink anyway!

entertaim.net: No kiddin?

Vikki: Although I’ll be your best friend if you offer me coffee as soon as we arrive at the venue.

entertaim.net: Your album cover really shows the roots of Rock’nRoll what means to be different and rebellious. I think that most of the bands are not rebellious at all. Is this kind of a trend not to be different but adjusted?

Vikki: Rebellion is what you make it. It seems as though even in rock people conform. So many times I’ve been told that not drinking ‚isn’t very rock‘. My response to that is to point out that I’m the one paid to get onstage and play bass, not them, isn’t that rather rock? And besides, seeing as 90% if the people around me are drinking, surely not drinking is the’rebellious‘ way to go? We don’t  try to conform to expectations, nor do we deliberately try to shock. We do what we feel is right for us, and let people make their own minds up about us.

entertaim.net: Playing live is the most important way for bands to meet fans and to sell merchandise stuff. Especially the huge bands seem to become more and more greedy and the tickets are very, very expensive. How should fans afford this while everybody is talking about the economic crisis?

Vikki: I hate it when  a promoter books us and then charges a lot for tickets. Fans don’t know that we have no say in what type the promoter charges on the door and they think we are the ones who decide the price. We get paid the agreed fee regardless of if tickets are free or £15, we prefer it if tickets are cheap, that way, more people can afford to buy them and come see us play. Cheap tickets I feel are the way to go. It gets people out supporting live music. If people can’t buy the tickets, l live music will suffer. It’s not rocket science!

entertaim.net: Definitely! Anyway … what are the SLT-plans for 2013?

Vikki: Well! Firstly, myself and Zion are off to Norway in January to take  part in a horror film in which we both get killed. We have some festivals booked for the summer, and we will be booking more.
We will be back to Finland and also other parts of Europe. We’d like to record a new music video and we will also be appearing as ourselves and performing in another film!

entertaim.net:  The last question … how hard is it for you living in a boys‘ world … especially on tour?

Vikki: I no longer have to kill people for being amazed that someone with a vagina can play bass, which is good as I was running out of places to hide the bodies. I have no problems within my band, me and Zion as a couple, always have a private room away from the farts and giggles of the other two, and we all know our places and how we work together. I lug my own gear, I repair my own guitars, I am as competent-if not more competent-as every bass player out there with a willy. I have paid my dues and have earnt my place. I am endorsed by EMG, Marshall, Dean and Dunlop. That’s because I’m good at what I do and my band is awesome. I guess we’ve become well known enough and big enough that I’m accepted now. I hope this helps other women who pick up an instrument, it is a male dominated scene and it is astonishingly infuriating when you hear „you can actually play, I thought you were there just to look pretty“ how shocked and angry would a male guitarist or bassist be if someone said that to them? Female musicians have to rock twice as hard as be twice as good as males to be accepted as equal. Even then, your appearance will be scrutinised. You’ll be too slutty looking, too fat, too dressed up, trying to look like a guy- no man ever criticizes another man like he does a woman with a guitar! So I guess it’s not for the easily hurt. But for every person who thinks I’m a fugly whore, there are plenty more who buy our albums and come to our gigs and they are the ones whose opinions I care about.

entertaim.net: A clear statement … Vikki, thank you very much and enjoy acting in this horror movie …

Vikki: Thanks, Dennis.