Helloween / The Age of the Pumpkin (Interview with Michael Weikath / English version)

Helloween on entertaim.netThe AGE OF THE PUMPKIN …on popular demand: The English version of the latest interview with Michael „Weiki“ Weikath:

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

(Pic by courtesy of Helloween and PR-agents)

entertaim.net: Hallo Weiki, you just released the new album “Straight out of hell”. I guess the last one called “7 Sinners” was a little more evil … what do you think?

Weiki: Well, the opinions vary, I also think that „7 sinners“ was harder but the new album obtains a bigger variety of different ideas and sounds.But some people think the new album is more wicked … I don’t know …

entertaim.net: You still live on a Canary Island and the rest of the guys in different places, so I guess rehearsals are a little complicating, right? So how do you practice the song writing?

Weiki: Well, we write songs, record some parts and up-load all files on a private internet server, all members do have access of course. I remember a chaotic skype conference with some communication breakdowns, delays and whatever else … a real adventure and complicating but in the end we could handle it the typical Helloween-style. But you’ve got to save time. As a musician you’ve got to do interviews and you fly anywhere for press dates, radio shows that I don’t have time for rehearsals with too many intermissions with wasting time by drinking beer and stuff. by the way … the playtime of albums is getting longer and longer, so we need all the time to write and produce an entire cd.

entertaim.net: You hate cold weather, snow and stuff like this. You’re pretty famous in South America, so you should like the weather right there?

Weiki: Well, it depends on when and where you play shows. If you play in the South during the summer times it’s winter there … and that’s not that good. On the other hand, if it’s too hot and sunny I’ll get sunstrokes and this also doesn’t feel that comfortable. I like arriving at an airport with AC … possibly in Brazil … and after leaving this area you start to sweat like hell and you breathe the stinky smell of the big cities … I really enjoy this!

entertaim.net: You’re in the biz for such a long time and toured a lot, this must be hard to top?

Weiki: No, not really.We played in Hiroshima, Japan, it’s so wonderful, there are cute apes and lots of funny creatures. That’s why they dropped the bomb on this paradise … psychological warware … your place, your home is so beautiful, so we destroy it just because we can! War games! Honestly … you collect impressions all over the world … in Mexico City there are even houses at the horizont and you ask yourself how this could develop this way and how can such a big city be managed. In Poland we played at the Woodstock Fest in front of 750.000 people. And we’ve been the first German band that played in Indonesia. A venue for 20.000 people, 60.000 fans showed up. Amazing. The same situation happened to the Scorpions after this and they thought to be the first German band in Indonesia …. NO … we’ve been first (laughing)

entertaim.net: Do you have enough time for sight seeing if you’re on tour? Some bands told me that they just see the venues and nothing else …

Weiki: It depends on the tour plan … I remember being in Bejing and the band left the hotel to visit some sights but I couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted to drink my tea … I’m a boring person!

entertaim.net: (laughing) Can you tell me a weird story that happened on tour?

Weiki: We used to be in Mexico and visited the pyramides and I really had to pee right before climbing the stairs and I wonder what I could do after being on the top of the pyramide. I coud not imagine that there was a restroom, so I had to go back about 15 minutes to the entrance. So I missed an impressing presentation of the guide about history.

entertaim.net: Do you believe in aliens?

Weiki: Sure … and also sure that now people will think that Weikath is totally nuts! Of course with photoshop people can manipulate pictures to claim to see an ufo and stuff … but the universe is incredibly huge that it will be rediculous if you insist that we’re the only creatures.

entertaim.net: What are your expectations for 2013?

Weiki: We’re working on dominating the world. Honestly! It’s time to be the best band of Germany but this honor is already awarded to „Die Ärzte“ (German band).There are plenty of things to do but sometimes you just don’t want to do things you could do. We could win the Grammy (German Music Award) and we deserve to win this Grammy! Somebody could accuse us for spreading Satanic messaages and we’d have to disclaim by telling to have Christian statements in our lyrics and stuff like this. Someone could sue us for whatever and this would be too exhausting. I simply don’t want this.

entertaim.net: Some musicians release their memoirs. Is this something interesting for you?

Weiki: No, not at all. If you start something you’ve gotta end this and if you write your memoirs you’ll have to do a good job. I know myself and after a while it’s going to be exhausting. I think I’ve got better things to do. No memoirs.

entertaim.net: The last time we spoke together we scheduled that at a face2face-interview I’d bring a ventilator – like at Mariah Carey interviews – that your hair can blow in the wind … (laughing)

Weiki: … sure … my hair will be stuck in this damn thing.

entertaim.net: Blowing hair in the wind … very attractive …

Weiki: I bet :-)

entertaim.net: Weiki, thanks so much … so far … best to the Canary Islands.

Weiki: Thanks and best to Cologne …