MESHUGGAH / Live in Cologne 2012

Meshuggah live (by) Dennis Rowehl

Cologne, Essigfabrik, December 2012.

Meshuggah, Decapitated, CB Murdoc.

Text: Leo / Photo: Dennis Rowehl

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On a chilly December evening the Cologne metal scene was treated to a display of precision and brute force in the form of Meshuggah, Decapitated and CB Murdoc. Yes indeed the Ophidian Trek Tour has arrived.

First up this evening was CB Murdoc from Stockholm, Sweden. This band melds the abrasiveness of Black Metal, the savagery of Death Metal and the twists and turns of Modern Prog. Tonight’s performance was highlighted by Disturbing keyboard undertones and chaotic drumming and a singer lunging at the crowd from the other side barriers like a tormented caged animal. Absolutely mental.

Following the CB Murdocs animalistic performance, Poland’s Decapitated was tasked with further punishing the Essigfabrik’s now filled ranks. The band ripped through their set with surgical like precision, the extremely tight interplay between guitarist Vogg and drummer Paul hammering the crowd into submission. The only negative was that the bass guitar could have been turned up a little more during the guitar solos as the lack of rumble meant a slight loss of power during the infrequent guitar solos, but other than that their performance is impossible for any normal band to beat.

Meshuggah however is not a normal band. In what could only be described as an impenetrably dense wall of sound, Meshuggah’s robotic grooves had the audience both hypnotised and convulsing to the band’s 8-stringed, poly-rhythmic grooves from relentless drive of „The hurt that finds you first“ to the crushingly slow „Lethargica“ and all points in between. (Reluctant) Godfathers of the Djent scene Meshuggah demonstrated why they are the band of the hour. Even during a stage invasion of a pants-less CB Murdoc could not make these unstoppable machines miss a beat. The closing numbers „Future Breed Machine“ and „Dancers to a Discordant System“ sent the crowd into ecstasy one last time before being ejected into the cold night exhausted but thoroughly satisfied.