Nadeah / French Australian Lady noire

Nadeah (b) Dennis RowehlCologne. It’s a nice attitude to do an interview and the interviewed person offered you a beer. Nadeah, thank you 🙂 … anyway … the chanson singer and lady noire who lives in Paris and speaks French is definitely an unusual artist from Australia and regarding to the special music I did an also special interview with Nadeah at Studio 672:

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos: Dennis Rowehl You’re from Australia but I thought you’re French, actually your band is almost French and you also speak French … this is not typical Australian style, right?

Nadeah: No, I’m different. I live in Paris, I used to live in London but they kicked me out. So I don’t like the UK. Well play some shows in the UK and the people are nice but I don’t like the UK. The good thing is that this is the reason why I moved to Paris … and I love Paris! (drinking something from a small bottle) What’s this?

Nadeah: This is a special oil for my voice .. So you don’t drink liquor right before a show?

Nadeah: I don’t drink any alcohol … never. Why not?

Nadeah: If I drink I’ll get crazy. What’s wrong about getting crazy?

Nadeah: You don’t want to know (laughing) … I read on your facbook site that you’re influenced by Punk. I did not listen to any Punk on your current album …

Nadeah: Not the music, the lyrics … I sing about decay, suicidal girls and stuff like this … what’s sometimes funny because my songs sound funny and the people like them and sing along but the lyrics are really bad … well, especially the people in France don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics. … and you like Velvet Underground and Tool?

Nadeah: Yes, I love them. So Tool combines Metal with something dark … have you ever tried to play Metal?

Nadeah: Metal doesn’t fit to my voice but I love the dark side of those bands. What kind of people belong to your target group? More the cultural, intellectual audience?

Nadeah: Yeah, the people are a little older, so we don’t play in front of a crowd of teenagers. It’s more specific. What will happen 2013 … musically?

Nadeah: We’ll play lots of shows continuing the tour … oh, we will play some shows in Australia, so I’ll meet my family there. After the show we’ll record the new album that will come out September. So you’re already in the process of writing.

Nadeah: Absolutely … I guess we also play some new tracks today. After the album release we’ll start promoting the new album with more shows. So I’m always busy. What are you and your band gong to do after the show?

Nadeah: Relaxing … and we’ve got wine and vodka …not for me, of course (laughing) Yeah, you’ve got this oil … Nadea, thanks for the interview and enjoy Germany.

Nadeah: Thank you and enjoy the show …

Nadeah (by) Dennis Rowehl