DIEMONDS / Alive and kicking


DIEMONDS, the female fronted Rock and Roll invasion from Canada has just released the kicking album „The Bad Pack“ (even on tape) and a crazy video to „Get the fuck outta here“, so we scheduled an interview with Priya Panda who’s responsible for sweet squealin’and high heelin‘ … you really gotta check out this band …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Pics: Steve Haining (coloured) / Nicole Crainie (b/w)

entertaim.net:  „Get the fuck outta here“ … great video.

How much fun was it recording everything?

Priya: Thanks a lot! Recording our latest video for „Get the fuck uutta here“ was a really fun experience. We always do all of our videos with a really, really low budget, so we have to get creative in so many ways to get the results we’re looking for. GTFOH was probably our most involved in terms of having a talented makeup and art direction team. We always work with our buddy Matthew Chrones Scott at Bleedingheart Productions who has been very loyal and is just as crazy as us when it comes to really outlandish ideas. Working together with him definitely means a lot of late nights and beer in the planning stages. So we came up with the whole slasher theme and kind of came up with all the kills together. It was really fun playing these stereotypical 80s characters and having a horror movie script. We are all 80s movie addicts and it was really a great time watching it all come together and put it out on Halloween!

entertaim.net: It’s funny that you released your new album on cassette. So your target group must be very old because most of the people under 18 don’t know that medium, right? (laughing)

Priya: Our target group isn’t old or young. I think rock n‘ roll is cross generational. None of DIEMONDS would be considered old, but we all have massive cassette tape collections. And that’s because we have a fascination with a time when things were built to last and treasure. Vinyl records are another important way for us to but out The Bad Pack because it was a dream of ours to put our own record in our collection. A lot of rockers and metalheads still listen to a lot of their music on cassette and vinyl over CDs or digital. I truly think rock n‘ roll records are meant to be heard on wax. I don’t discount the importance of mp3s and how quickly and easily they spread music from one corner of the world to the other, but holding the album in your hand and looking at the art and the pictures and the words, it goes hand in hand with listening to music sometimes. There’s just something to be said about inheriting all my dad’s Neil Diamond records, you know?

entertaim.net: Rock ’n‘ Roll became more and more famous even for younger fans. Bands like Steel Panther are pulling big crowds especially in Germany and the UK … Why do you love that kind of music that much instead of trendy stuff like dub step etc.?

Priya: I honestly don’t even know what dub step is …

entertaim.net: (laughing)

Priya … and who knows if anyone will know about it in three years. But what I do know is rock n‘ roll is timeless. It draws from the past, from our heroes and from our heroes‘ heroes, but it’s something every band and musician interprets in their own way. I’m so glad to hear about rock n‘ roll being popular with younger crowds in Europe. But I don’t call it a comeback, rock n‘ roll has been here for years.

entertaim.net: What are your fave bands?

Priya: This is always the easiest and hardest question…ever! And, I always pick different bands every time, just so everyone I love gets a shout out. I love Guns n‘ Roses, RATT, Skid Row, VAIN and fuck yeah, I love The Beatles.

entertaim.net: Are there any opportunities to come over to Europe?

Priya: That’s the plan for 2013! We’d love, love, love to tour there.

entertaim.net: Cool! Hope you guys can realize this! Which band you’d like to support?

Priya: We’d love to do a tour with a reunited Skid fuckin‘ Row. I have faith they will get back together in my lifetime. But Buckcherry would be fun. It would also been really cool to tour with a young band that we love like The Treatment, or JETTBLACK in the UK.

entertaimnet: Who’s the most inspiring female artist of Rock and Roll for you? Maybe Lee Aaron?

Priya: Lee Aaron rocks and she’s Canadian and she wasn’t afraid to be show off her sexy side.

entertaim.net: I remember the legendary red leather pants (smiling)

Priya: Well, I’m down with all of that, but relate so much more to the badass bitches like Anne Boleyn/Hellion or Doro Pesch/Warlock and Wendy O. Williams/The Plasmatics. It didn’t matter if they were chicks or dudes. They just fuckin‘ WAIL.

entertaim.net: What’s the best part of touring? The show itself or the after show parties? I guess you guys know how to party?

Priya: The best part of touring is of course the shows! I never forget why I’m on the road, I’m there to fuckin giver and rip the best show I can night after night. And it’s honestly what I live for, I thrive on stage. It’s where I feel the most like myself. And, to be in a van, not knowing where I’m gonna sleep or eat or drink beer, it excites me. There are people who come out to see us and I’d never ever want to disappoint them. But fuck, the afterparties are a beast of their own! I could write a book ….

entertaim.net: I’m glad there are still real Rock’n’Roll bands out there (laughing). Good luck and hopefully see you in Germany next year …

Priya: Thank you very much!