Beth Hart / Dressed for success

Beth Hart (Jeff Katz) Interview by Dennis Rowehl

Beth Hart has just released a new very strong album called „Bang Bang Boom Boom“ and she surprised her fans with a hot and sexy new style. We met the sympathic lady right before her show in Cologne at the Live Music Hall.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Pics: Jeff Katz Hi Beth, your new album „Bang Bang Boom Boom“ is very successful in Europe. You’r doing pretty well right here. Also many shows are sold out yet. The last time you played in Cologne the venue was much smaller but this time more than 1000 people show up. Congratulations!

Beth Hart: Thank you very much. It’s an honor! In Europe you’re more successful than in the United States. Do you know why?

Beth Hart: Well, Europe and Germany is a very good market and I love to play here. Actually the new album hasn’t been released in the USA. First I play the European tour and 2013 the album will be released in the US and me and my band will play a tour to promote the album then. The last time we just played a couple of shows but … it’s my home country, so we really need to play all over the States and we definitely will (laughing). I really like your new sexy style on the album cover … it’s the best cover you ever did …

Beth Hart: Oh thank you very much, Dennis! It’s totally different from the older stuff … it used to be a natural style and this time you look more like a femme fatale …

Beth Hart: Thank you! While we record the album I had the idea of the 20s-/30s-pin up style. We scheduled a photo shooting without any idea what we exactly should do. Then I told the photographer and the whole team to make a real pin up shooting with high heels, long legs etc. Well, I’m a woman and I want to feel like a woman and as long as I can wear heels I wanted to do this (laughing). I’m really glad you like it … … well I guess this might be one good reason why the album is that successful … even apart from the music itself.

Beth Hart: Thank you for the compliment! Your husband accompanies you on the tour. Does he also play in the band?

Beth Hart: No, but he cares about a lot of things, merchandise etc. It’s great to have him by my side! Do you have any expectations concerning the feedback on the album in the US?

Beth Hart: Absolutely not. You’ll never know. By the way … the album cover will be a little different from Europe. The European back cover pic will be on the front and the pic of the European front cover will be inside the booklet. The American market is a little more conservative. But to get back to the question, the most important thing apart from the quality of the songs … … and cover …

Beth Hart: … (laughing) … right, is the quality of your shows. Everything is on youtube and if you play a bad show you can see it on youtube the next day. So you always have to give the best you can! You’re in the biz for a longer time. What do you think about singers who raised in casting shows? Isn’t it fast food music?

Beth Hart: Well, not everybody is a good song writer, some are just great singers and casting shows can have a positive effect on singers. Well, there are two sides, on the one hand these shows raised really great singers, on the other hand singers replaces the singers of the last episodes, so new stars come and go. The quality of the songs depends on the songwriters then. There are some really good singer who have been discovered in shows like American Idol. Thank you so far, Beth and good luck with the album release in the USA!

Beth Hart: Thanks a lot.

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