Herbert Hofer / Miami Beach Art made in Austria

Herbert Hofer / Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the only Austrian guy who lives the American Way … Herbert Hofer, actor and painter, also lives a special sub-category: The MIAMI WAY of LIFE. Sunny weather, attractive women and the flair of a never ending summer keeps him be alive and kicking with an also never ending source of inspirations for painting. Meanwhile apart from exhibitions he’s one of the main actors in a gangster movie called Caprikorn.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Pics by courtesy of Herbert Hofer / herberthofer.com
entertaim.net: You’re a famous painter in the USA. Can you name some of your famous clients and will you have some exhibitions in the near future?

Herbert Hofer: The Cty of Miami, Southern Bell, the phone company, Frontgate, a company from Ohio, and even Gloria Estefan belong to my clients … and some other celebrities and many private clients.

entertaim.net: What’s the best part of living and working in Miami?

H.H.:Well, the most important thing is definitely the weather (laughing). I love the bright colors of Miami … and honestly .. I cannot work when it’s too cold.

entertaim.net: You also appeared in many movies as an actor. Is it true that you acted with Robert de Niro?

H.H.: I used to have lots of small roles in Italy, with Federico Fellini, Sergio Leone, Lucio Fulvi, yes … amd I really acted with Robert de Niro, Gregory Peck, Michael Cain and many more. I used to be the main actor in many movies which have been produced in Greece, I acted in commercials in Brazil, Kenya and the Ivory Coast and got many roles for the American TV … such as „Superboy“, „Moon over Miami“.

entertaim.net: Right now you’re working on a new movie … you are acting as yourself and a mafia boss. Can you tell us more about it?

H.H.: It’s a very special movie planned as the most expensive NO-budget-movie. Sounds funny, right? It’s a crime story about drugs, the nihtlife of Miami, Mafia, gangsters, beautiful women etc. A friend of mine is the producer. We’re in the process of filming right now. The movie’s called CAPRIKORN. Cannot tell you more at this time …

entertaim.net: Sounds interesting! Let’s get back to your painting … what are your projects for 2013?

H.H.: I’m working on a new exhibition: TEQUILA CHICAS PRESENTS THE SOUTHBEACH ARTIST HERBERT HOFER, it’s an Art Basel exhibition this year. For 2013 I’ll prepare a show for Austria, in my hometown.

entertaim.net: What is the most curious thing you’ve ever painted?

H.H.: I painted in the Vatican Museum fpr Pope John Paul … that was something (laughing).

entertaim.net: So you’re busy!

H.H.: Absolutely (laughing)

entertaim.net: Good luck with the exhibition and the movie CAPRIKORN.

H.H.: Thank you. Will keep you up-dated …

Herbert Hofer (Interview by Dennis Rowehl)