Birdy / Birdy (Atlantic)


Born 1996 she’s really young and delivered an extraordinary cd in the songwriter section with amazing tracks, nice vocal lines and an impressing voice which is hard to describe … but it’s a wonderful voice that sometimes reminds me of Stevie Nicks … just sometimes. No album to dance, just an album to listen to. Of course the music market is full of male and female solo artists with good voices, most of them raised by casting shows and the listener is getting lost in the ocean of one-hit-wonder and wannabes but this album has got a certain elaborated strength that nice little Miss Birdy has got high potential to remain in the music business for a long, long time. Okay, at the end of the album I’ve got to confess that a nerverending sequence of slow songs and ballads is a little too much and I nealy felt like falling into a snowwhite nap, one power song with percussion and drums would have been a nice change but anyway … a great voice and a strong album. PS: The new edition also contains a bonus-DVD with live recordings.


Dennis Rowehl