Geoff Tate / Heading to the future with a new Queensryche

Geoff Tate

The official split of Queensryche shocked fans all over the world and devided some of them. For outstanding people the whole QR-family-business-affairs are definitely to complex to understand and to take party, so no wonder that Geoff Tate doesn’t want to talk about all that: „The statements of both sides are clear.“ Nevertheless news circulating in the internet about who’s Queensryche right now and who’s not still confuse the devided fanbase, so I called Geoff to see something more clear and talk about his solo project, politics, the future and about some private things.

New Queensryche Line-up: Rudy Sarzo, Bobby Blotzer, Glen Drover, Kelly Gray and Randy Gane

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Photo: Stephanie Cabral Hello Geoff, since the split … have you talked to the „old guys“ yet?

Geoff Tate: No, I haven’t talk to them since April. To make something clear. You’ve just released your second solo album „Kings and thieves“ and you’re on tour. Besides the new Queensryche line-up with you, Bobby Blotzer, Rudy Sarzo etc. has been introduced on the official band site and on the official facebook-site of Queensryche. The band you’re on tour with right now is different from the new Queensryche, right?

Geoff Tate: That’s right. I’m on tour to promote my solo album till the end of this year and starting April we’ll be on tour with Queensryche with the new line-up. It’s an anniversary tour for the „Operation Mindcrime“-album that we’ll set the focus on playing tracks from this album. We’re already in the booking process. On your solo tour, what kind of songs do you perform?

Geoff Tate: It’s a 2 hour show and we play the solo songs and of course some of my Queensryche-faves. Your new album’s called „Kings and thieves“. Is there any connection in this title to the split …. kings … and thieves?

Geoff Tate: No, absolutely not. I always got this title in my mind and during the process of writing new material I always saw the words on my desk that I chose this title for my 2nd solo album. No connection to Queensryche. Just a couple of days ago America has got a new old President … is this good for the country?

Geoff Tate: Honestly, I’ve got no idea. I don’t care too much about politics and the struggle between Democrats and Republicans. I care more about society, social problems … Well, so many musicians – especially from the USA – told me in interviews that they don’t care about politics but isn’t this dangerous?

Geoff Tate: I guess it is. In the whole society there’s a desinterest in politics. I think people just feel helpless. Lots of people think that the individual vote doesn’t count. Shouldn’t artists and musicians wake up people to be more interested in politics and what the government is doing?

Geoff Tate: It’s difficult to stand up for the own opinion and even for the own believe cause of the strong public criticism. This is really hard, I mean you don’t have to be accepted by everybody but a political statement can devide your fans … so many bands are afraid of giving clear political statements. Rock music used to be rebellious at the beginning but the times have changed. This is sad. I don’t know that much musicians who care about politics. They concntrate upon their instruments and music. Okay, my sister is a big fan of you and she wants to know how and where you spend your holidays. Are you more the beach-type or someone who prefers going in the woods and enjoy the silence?

Geoff Tate: I love the heat. I prefer spending my time at warm places. So yes, I like beaches, joining intersting people etc. I like the Mediterranean area of Europe: Spain, South-France, Italy … there are lots of nice places. Alright. When you start the Queensryche-tour next April, will you come over to Germany?

Geoff Tate: We probably will. Geoff, good luck with both shows.

Geoff Tate: Thank you very much.