Heaven The Axe / Phoebe rocks !!!

Phoebe Pinnock (Heaven The Axe)

Time to conquer Europe! Heaven The Axe from Australia have released their amazing butt kicking debut album and are ready to export some Rock’n’Roll from Down Under. If this might be possible … let’s talk to lead singer Phoebe …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Pics by courtesy of Heaven the Axe

entertaim.net: First of all … great album „Sex, Chugs and Rock’n’Roll“. How was the feedback so far. Do you have many fans outside Australia?

Phoebe: HI Dennis! Thank you….yes I think we do, we get a lot of facebook and twitter messages from fans requesting we tour Germany, Europe, Canada and USA. We would absolutely love to. We’ve played non stop in Australia since its release with plenty more shows. We’re all basically travelling hobos living out of each others pockets, we base ourselves out of the Axe Mansion most of the boys sleep over here, we really enjoy each others company and it’s definitely a metal family atmosphere, pretty much being surrounded by hot talented men all day is my idea of a dream come true. Especially when they do my dishes and make me coffee in bed.

entertaim.net: Are you already writing new material for a second album?

Phoebe: We’re focussing on the new record and are currently in pre-production which includes writing, learning, writing all the different parts, recording, re-writing and …..there is so much work to do and every hour that something isn’t being done I get the shits haha. I write the basic idea of a song just basic riff/ chords and the song lyrics and melody, then the boys will work on axe-ifying the tunes. Its a lot of work but the entire journey is so much fun unfolding what each song is going to be. Usually the songs get a lot faster so I have to re-write them once they have reached the speed in which the band will play them, or it sounds like a hip hop chipmunk. Im committed to the possibility of the song being the best it can be for the song and ultimatley when the song evolves from lyrics I’ve written about somebody who has pissed me off to evolving it to be a song that everyone can relate to for themselves that’s the greatest thing. I feel so excited and elated to nail a song. Songwriting is the most exciting part for me.

entertaim.net: Any chance to see you in Germany next year?

Phoebe: Yes, were emailing a bunch of promoters, just trying to get some network happening, we’re really keen to spread this show to the world and make lots of new friends. The best thing about being in a band is making friends with other musicians who inspire you, mutual respect is a severe currency of love.

entertaim.net: You have this amazing promo picture at a bar where you perform pole dancing. Do you enjoy being the adorable female part in a man’s world?

Phoebe: (lauging) Come on…what woman doesn’t enjoy being adored? It’s one of the greatest things in life as a woman! Of course I do!! That picture is a story of where the band came from, I used to be a stripper and the boys are metal hounds, so we wanted to make a pictorial shot that got peoples attention about where the band came from – the true guts of hard rock glory. I find that the music industry at large is really quite conservative, that the artistic story I have to present is often too extreme even tho its pretty much the plot of „Rock Of Ages“ which is fine on the big screen …. it’s ok for Hollywood but don’t go telling the world it actually exists especially if you’re an Australian. Shhhhh……

entertaim.net: (laughing) By the way … cars like the Mad Max one of an older promo picture seem to play a big role, even in the latest video. Do you like driving racing cars? At least you’ve got long, long roads in Australia to  speed up …

Phoebe: We are no stranger to long roads, one trip from Melbourne to Sydney to play is at least ten hours tho on tour runs we will do a show along the way in Canberra. The car thing isn’t intentional, believe it or not, we just keep getting cars slammed at us (laughing). The Yellow car on the SO Nirvana artwork on the album booklet is a Holden Torana and that picture is inspired by the lyrics to that song. Theres something about a teenage fantasy that includes long haired boys in bad ass cars. But that fantasy seems to be just that. The first song I ever wrote was about a spunk I saw driving a panelvan. I called the song „Hey Mr Bad News I wanna See The Back Of Your Panel Van“ then I hooked up with Steve a few years later (when he was going through a short haird phase – never again) and told him the story. Turns out it was Steve driving the panel van that day and the rest is history.

entertaim.net: What was the best show you ever played and why?

Phoebe: We played the Sydney Entertainment Centre and I sang my ballad Unconditional Love which I wrote for my mother who passed away in 2001. On the way back to Melbourne a random woman at a servo jumped out at me and said „I’m a psychic, your mother has entered me, she’s so proud of you, don’t ever give up, your music will touch so many people!“. There were all these bystanders watching and cheering, the woman was hugging me, the people and I were crying it was an incredible moment.

entertaim.net: Finally … especially the singers of Rock and Metal bands really have to take care of the voice … so … if you play shows, do you party a lot?

Phoebe: No, Im 9 weeks sober from drinking, Im over it, want to have lots of energy to deal with all I have to do. I party in the right measures at the right times but for now Im bored of drinking. It takes more energy to perform but theres something in the magic of the universe when youre not asleep at the wheel, when youre paying respect to the energies that flow through you in which you are able to project in the spotlight. I like it. And Ive found that Im only more crazy sober.

entertaim.net: Thank you very much.

Phoebe: Thank you!

Heaven The Axe