What a blast at the Euroblast 2012 in Cologne! The Interbeing from Denmark convinced me with a power loaded live show that I had to contact those sympathic guys to schedule a small interview with singer Dara Tolbin.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Pic by courtesy of The Interbeing Dara, unfortunately we didn’t have some beers at the Euroblast after your show. Great job! Did you enjoy the festival?

Dara: Thanks a lot! Yeah we enjoyed the festival very much. The concept was awesome, the bands and people were all very open and cool, and we had more fans here than we expected. So all in all we had a blast. Will you come over to Germany for some club shows again soon?

Dara: Definitely, we’d love that. We don’t have anything planned in Germany right now but we’d really like to play here again soon. It seemed like people were very receptive and it was a pleasure to play for the energetic audience. Well, I thought Denmark is more famous for Indie music. I don’t know that much metal bands from Denmark. So, are there good clubs for you or do Sweden, Norway and Germany do have better opportunities?

Dara: There is actually a great deal of recognized Danish Metal bands for instance Hatesphere, Illdisposed, Mercenary, Raunchy and more. The Metal scene is pretty well established. We do have good venues in Denmark but most of them work with varied genres. We could use some more Metal focused clubs which I presume Germany has more of. Back to the past, King Diamond was a bigger act from Denmark? Do you like his music?

Dara: I wish I could say yes but I can’t (laughing). (also laughing)

Dara: I am not a fan of his music but I respect him as an artist and for what he has accomplished. Personally I listen to more modern artists. Can you live from making music or do you have other „real“ jobs?

Dara: None of us can support our lives solely from the profits of music and we all have different regular day jobs. Everything from an engineer, to an educator, concert booker, web server manager and I’m an insurance advisor. We all would love to live off The Interbeing and music projects but that’s not really realistic at this stage. Are you working on a new album?

Dara: Yes, we have written the first tracks for the next album and we have loads of ideas to develop during the next few months. Things are definitely going in the direction that we’re hoping for. The new stuff is more progressive and more fluent regarding structure and concept which we’re psyched about. I read that you call your genre CYBER METAL … what exactly is this? Can you define this?

Dara: It’s always difficult to define our genre but I think Cyber Metal is quite suitable because it’s an unusual term regarding futuristic Metal. Industrial Metal has many layers and is hard to distinguish but Cyber Metal gives a very modern impression of Industrial with strong futuristic and in our connection polyrhythmic features. Alright, thanks so far and se you in Germany again …

Dara: Thank you and looking forward to greet the German listeners again soon!