Heaven the Axe / Sex, Chugs and Rock’n’Roll (Wi Fire)

Coming from Down Under means to be bound to great Rock’n’Roll and Heaven the Axe from Melbourne are doing an awesome job. They start with the strong and kicking „Enemy“ and combine rough and heavy Rock’n’Roll riffs with a modern sound. No cliche’s, no typical element average bands always use … Heaven the Axe really designed a unique sound of energy and melody. Of course one and a really important unique feature is the adorable Phoebe Pinnock, lead singer of HTA with a hard and clear rocking voice that pushes the songs to the maximum. Well, the album contains 8 tracks and wakes the appetite for more … possibly the appetite for destruction 🙂 … so, „Sex, chugs and Rock’n’Roll is just the foretaste for more. A great band. Australia rules!


Dennis Rowehl