Kamelot / Silverthorn (SPV)

Kamelot - Silverthorn

I confess that I’ve never been a Kamelot fan, not even a friend of Melodic Metal … singer live on stage putting one feet on the monitor and screaming with a high voice: „Meetttaaallll“! Besides cliche‘ orchestral openings and almost staccato beats but on the other hand I really honor that these bands are always making a point of designing an elaborated artwork and cover, digipaks etc. And this is the first positive point about the new Kamelot album. Great artwork and cover … as usual. But also this time the band starts with a convincing and furious beginning … of course with an orchestral intro but less theatric. „Ashes to ashes“ … wow … what a blast, especially the heavy chords and the abandonment of these typical staccato elements make this song really rock. Generally the cords are rather heavy and dark and make the clear sound a little dirtier what makes the whole music also more interesting. Also songs like „Veritas“ pound to the core and combine power with melodic elements. Even ballads like „Song for Jolee“ are not cheesy at all. Well, at the end the power fades away … a little bit, repaced my romantic and melancholic elements but I’m sure melodic metalists will love that. I was surprised and Kamelot really changed my mind regarding Melodic Metal. Great job!


Dennis Rowehl