Mari Ferrari / There can be only one

From Russia with sex appeal. DJane mari Ferrari has been busy for a couple of years traveling around the world and living her profession and passion in the clubs. After struggles and lots of performances in Asia she’s working on new projects in Germany, ready to conquer the dance floors of the world …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Photo: Matthias Reinsdorff

Photo 2 (Cologne): Dennis Rowehl

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Mari: Thank you very much. So, what are you doing right now in Germany?

Mari: I’m recording a new vocal track. I’m doing the whole electronic stuff, the Italian female singer DHANY will do the singing then. Honestly, I cold do it myself but I really thing her voice fits perfectly to the song. Then I’m going to do a video for the song. We have to work out what kind of video this will be. I’ve so many ideas in mind. Honestly, I don’t want to do such a cliche‘-video about It-Girls, Clubs, big cars, champagne etc. … I think there are to many of those „Uh, I’m a glam girl and so rich …“-videos and they look all the same. That’s boring. I’ve got in mind to try something different, on the other hand I’m not going to surprise and shock the people and fans by doing something too strange (laughing). We’ll see what’s possible. Apart from Electro, House and stuff, do you also like Rock music?

Mari: Well, I love old Rock but then I tried Rammstein and was getting used to it. Yeah … I really like them! If I’m right there was a lawsuit about your name Mari Ferrari with your old agency?

Mari: Yes, it took a long time but finally I won! I don’t want to talk that much about it but after problems with my ancient agency I quit working for them. But then they try to use my name for another girl who started working for them. But this is history, I’m the one and only Merai Ferrari. Which market is the biggest for you and your dj-ing? The USA, Germany, Russia?

Mari: You won’t believe but the Asian market is very huge and I’m booked many, many times in East Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and even China … … China? Wow, I didn#T expect such a party scene right there.

Mari: People really like to party there (laughing), it’s crazy but you are treated really respectful. I like working there. We also plan performances in germany and Europe. Regarding the USA I did many shows especially in Vegas, Dallas, Miami, L.A. a couple of years ago but The USA became more difficult … green card immigration stuff, you know? But I plan to get back in the USA soon. (laughing) You used to work as a topless-DJane. You’re still doing this?

Mari: No. I’ve got to go steps forward and I think that things like topless dj-ing are not good for my serious career. It’s becoming more and more counterproductive. You have to find your own way and topless dj-ing is not longer a part of this. I ask because more and more female Wannabe- and so called C-Celebs are trying to push their career with stuff like this. A couple of years ago everybody wanted to become an actress, now everybody wants to be called DJ. This is very stupid.

Mari: Yes, I know … dj-ing is more than just putting an USB-stick in the labtop (laughing). I worked hard for my career and went to dancing schools etc. and I’m a DJ for a couple of years. Do you already have details for performances in Germany yet?

Mari: Next year for sure! First I’m going to finish my song and the video. By the way … playng a small role in a movie would be a big challenge. I took part in many videos but a real role would be awesome. Definitely. Okay, when your video has been finished let’s continue our talking ..

Mari: Sure, thank you very much so far …

Mari Ferrari in Cologne (by) Dennis Rowehl