WASP / 30 years / The Anniversary Tour Review

Cologne. Of course it was no LIVE AT THE RAW without psych-guitarist Chris Holmes or any other member of the original line-up … but anyway … since 30 years Blackie Lawless, in German Schwarzie Gesetzlos, hit the stage rocking like hell. Blood, beers and (possibly) botox left traces on his face but he’s still unique cause none else would ever wear goat gaiters (Ziegengamaschen) on stage what always reminds me of „Dragnet“ feat. Tom Hanks in his early years.

The fans – almost middle agers – showed up in order to celebrate the classics for a resurrection of their youth and Blackie and band started with a classics set erforming tracks like „I wanna be somebody“, „Sleeping in the fire“, „The headless children“, „The real me“ (The Who) and „Love machine“ but then for any reason he started acting like a living example that old people might not get wiser but more ignorant (possibly like Felix Magath in Germany) … because the second set was packed with songs from the „Crimson Idol“- album. Some WASP-fans really like this album (not me) but this is definitely not an album you want to listen to at an anniversary tour, so the second part was rather boring … an by the way … serious lyrics didn’t fit to a man who usd to f@@@ like a beast right at the beginning at his career … at least NOT on stage. Finally he finished with „Blind in Texas“ and disappeared … well no, he faded away … NO ENCORE.

Saxon, Accept and other older bands play more than 2 hours and try to mix classics with some new tracks with an arc of suspense, unfortunately after a rather furious beginning Backie Lawless could’t measure up to my expectations and acted halfhearted… no „Manimal“, no „Rebel in the FDG“, no „Harder faster“, no „Sex Drive“, no „95 nasty“ …. a really tame anniversary party .

Thank you and good night (DR)

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