Arysta Cinema / The dark soul of Russia

Anastasia aka Arysta used to be rather successful even in the Gothic scene of Germany with her band Sundial and received great reviews. Now she’s concentrating upon her solo project … instrumental tracks with piano and a deep melancholic touch.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Photos by courtesy of Arysta  With your old band SUNDIAL you received a very good international press. Will there be a comeback or do you concentrate upon your solo project Arysta Cinema?

Arysta: I’m thinking hard to do rock/metal music again and perhaps some of the SUNDIAL musicians will be in my new group. But I’m just going to continue my solo career in music. And at this stage, I’m working on music for games. Music became my life and work. I think that in the future my new metal band and my solo project will at least honors in the international press. I’m working on it all the time. Your current album is an instrumental CD? Why did you chose this way? I mean you’ve got a beautiful voice …

Arysta: Thank you! Well, this album is my co-direction. Instrumental music. I’m keep writing it, so I’ve released my second solo album, instrumental. I’m also planning to continue releasing my solo albums and there certainly will be my vocals. Is the album available world wide? Do you have a distribution?

Arysta: This album is released on the international license Creative Commons. It is available world wide for free listening and free download. There is no need to buy it in the music store. You can just click „download“ and my music is already playing in your room. I find this way to promote my own music very successful. And I am very glad that there are such companies as Creative Commons that release records that way. For a separate artist it might be easier to get offers to play live. Do you have plans to play a club tour outside Russia, maybe in smaller jazz clubs where there’s a piano?

Arysta: I really thought a lot about it last time. I begin to ask these questions. I think it is realistic to give solo concerts in support of this project and solo albums. In any case, I will not give up good offers to play a solo concert. And the jazz scene with the piano is the best fit for such concerts. It would be very nice to play on such scenes, as I know that they play good musicians. Jazz – is a complex, beautiful music. I have the jazz vocal and well enter in such a scene. How big is the Russian market for Gothic and melancholic music?

Arysta: Frankly, I’m always cautious about the Russian stage. In any kind. Now, my relationship with the Russian scene disturbed very much. I have no idea what’s going on. Melancholic gothic scene has always been very small in Russia. Metal scene is even smaller. I think the bands that played in these styles are still loyal to their cause. And all the new ones that have emerged over the last 4-5 years, do not exist anymore.

(to be continued)