ISSA Oversveen / Can’t stop

Interview with female AOR singer Issa Oversveen from Norway, by Dennis Rowehl.

Photo by courtesy of Frontiers Records Hi Issa, your new album „can’t stop“ is very powerful. I didn’t realize that it’s an album of cover songs by not that well known bands … so, whose idea was it to cover not famous songs?

Issa: Actually the record company came to me with this idea. I don’t want to cover famous songs because people mostly have pesonal associations, so I covered different songs. Isn’t it a bigger challenge and more fun to perform own songs instead of covering?

Issa: Of course but I’m working on my own songs at the moment, so with the album release of „Can’t stop“ I have more time concentrating upon my own songs. We’ve got a nice cooperation and after „Can’t stop“ I’m going to release a new album with my own songs … I guess next year. Do you have plans for shows in Germany?

Issa: Sure but I don’t want to tell you before these shows are announced. I guess I’ll play on some festivals. I want to play as much as I can … we’ll see (laughing). You’re from Norway which is famous for Death and Black Metal bands. Do you like this kind of music?

Issa: Ähhhhhh, mmhhh, not really (laughing). Well, Norway is huge in Metal. I know many bands personally like Circus Maximus and I really like melodic stuff! Do you have some current fave bands?

Issa: I just played on a festival with so amazing bands. I really like Danger Danger. They are awesome! Maybe you can convince Frontiers to send you on tour with Danger Danger and possibly with Mr. Big as the headliner. They are still pretty huge in Germany.

Issa: Yeah, I’d really love to … Do you have a final statement right now?

Issa: I’d like to thank everyone who supported me. And hope to see my fans on tour.