TRUST / Back to the future

Once upon a time … TRUST was certainly one of the biggest Hard Rock acts of the 80’s from France, they toured with AC/DC and even Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) played the drums on one album (Repression). Trust did not just stand for powerful and timeless music but also for aggressive and social critical lyrics and even their biggest smash hit „Antisocial“ has been covered by other huge bands like Anthrax.
But this is a long time ago but what happened to the French Rock Heroes? We found singer Bernie Bonvoisin and got some answers about the current situation, the glorious past … and of course politics.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl If I think about French Rock’n’Roll I’ll think about TRUST. You’ve been huge in the late 70s and the early 80s and also famous outside France because you released 3 albums also in English. Right now you don’t even have an official band site. Does this mean that there will be no re-union at all?

Bernie Bonvoisin: I really don’t know, I’ve got a lot of things to do. I’m making movies, work for a TV Show etc. It takes a lot of time. If we find a space it’ll be possible to do something for Trust. At this point, honestly, I can’t tell you, but never say never! Well, that makes me feel confident. Have you thought about a re-release of your early albums, digitally remastered? I ask cause many bands from that time are doing this quite successfully …

B.B.: There’s no plan for remastering rigth now. But it’s a probability. We have to finish a documentary about the band and maybe Sony will react. I still have the album cover of Rock’n’Roll (picture) in mind, on the front cover you looked the way you looked at that time … and on the back cover 30 years older. Do you now look like on the back cover?

B.B.: (laughing) God no! … I speak for myself, I look like 30 … I have a secret … Unfortunately this album hasn’t been released in English and my French is not that good. I like the song „Mongolo’s land“. Can you tell me what this song is about?

B.B.: Sure. Mongolo’s Land is a song about the German Occupation during the II World War. And the attitude of certain part of the French population. It’s a song about how the people use their memories and sometimes they forgot a part of it. Are you still in contact with the guys of AC/DC and Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) who used to be a member of Trust?

B.B.: The last time AC/DC played in Paris it was impossible for me to go to the gig but the rest of my band was there. I spoke to Brian on the phone, that’s all. I didn’t see Nicko, so I don’t have news of him. Right now Metal and Hard Rock are HUGE all over the world … except in France and apart from a couple of bands I don’t now any Rock or Metal bands from France. Do you have an explaination why Rock is not that popular in your home country?

B.B.: I think because it’s a cultural matter. Traditionally France got its own music, so it’s always difficult to break this wall between cultures. Trust was famous for political and socially critical lyrics … so, a real Rock and Roll band against the establishment. Are you still politically engaged?

B.B.: Everything is about politics. It’s impossible today not to be touched by what’s going on in the rest of the world. Except you don’t care. So, yes! Would you like to get back the Franc instead of the Euro?

B.B.: No, it’s important to be European. But we have to change how the system works. A Europe for the people, not for the companies. I remember one of my favourite Trust songs … „The big illusion“ and the sentence ….“My bulldozer is the symbol of the angry youth“ … and you sang about ghettos even that time. So, what are the main reasons right now for the youth to be angry? Or is the youth and the political engagement so flagmatic that there won’t be any change?

B.B.: INJUSTICE!… Misery … these are good reasons to be still angry. Unfortunately the youth today, like most of the people on this planet, are more interrested in money and making money. These are the most important thing in their lives. Rock and Roll was the music against the establishment, Hip Hop used to be the music against the establishment, too … in the beginning but now Hip Hop is almost about gangsters, making money etc. and famous in France … do you like  Hip Hop?

B.B.: Yes, I even like it very much. It’s a major culture and movement. Like Rock and Roll, there are lots of good tracks and artists … of course also a lot of shit, but anyway … I really like Hip Hop. If you were the President of France, please name 5 things you would like to change.

B.B.: Puh … this is a difficult question. I dont know how to name it but … I would try to do things for more social justice! If you take a look into the future and if you see all those wars, struggles, poverty etc. … are you scared or pessimistic?

B.B.: Scared, for sure … and at the same time I’m optimistic when I see some people who fight for more Liberty, like in some Arabian countries. Fight for liberty of speech, for all kind of liberties! Thank you very much!!!