ALL THAT REMAINS / ATR for President

The new ATR-album will be released on Election Day in the USA, possibly a historic date … anyway … a new CD is definitely a good reason for an interview, so we called Mike Martin to talk about music, the new President of the United States, social insurance and Horror movies.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl

Photo by courtesy of Oktober Promotion Hey Martin. I just pre-listened to your new album „A war you cannot win“. Awesome stuff!

Mike Martin: Thank you! So, between Metalcore bands there’s definitely a big similarity. Isn’t it hard to write new songs with a unique sound?

MM: Well, you’re right, there are so many bands out there and somtimes it’s hard to recognize the difference but honestly I don’t think about that too much. We do what we do and we gave our best to make the new album and we hope that our fans will like it. The first time I saw you on stage was in Cologne with a power pack of bands like Caliban, Soilwork and more. Are there any plans to come over to Germany yet?

MM: We’ll definitely come over to Germany but we haven’t booked the dates yet. I love Germany, the audince is great and the market is very huge. We always had a good time in Germany! I remember that show and ther was less security that people were able to practice stage diving! I haven’t seen this since a long time … at an Anthrax show, I guess. This was fun!

MM: Yeah, it was … people enjoyed it. Sometimes it’s good not to have so much security … Everybody is talking about Election Day and about who’s going to be the next President! Will you vote?

MM: Well, I’m not that interested in politics. I guess we’ll play a show in Canada, so I cannot vote anyway. Who’s better? Obama or Romney?

MM: Oh boy … that’s a question. I don’t have first hand information but all my frinds told me that Romney is even worse. Anyway … I think this is not even a choice … So you can vote crap or more crap …?

MM: Exactly! I don’t think that many things will change. Poor people pay more taxes than rich people … there are so many things that really don’t make sense. Your new album comes out on Election Day, so your fans at least have the choice to go to a cd-shop to buy your cd instead of voting …

MM: … (laughs) Right, so they have a choice! Are you guys 100% professional musicians or do you have another job?

MM: Fortunately we don’t need to have another job, we are fulltime musicians, so we’re blessed! We are supported by some radio stations that our situation is pretty good at this time! Do musicians in the US have a health insurance?

MM: Most of the musicians don’t have any kind of social insurance. Honestly, now I have my first health insurance since 7 years (laughs). No kidding. So I also was blessed with a good health. I haven’t been to a doctor for 7 years. I think this s the good thing about drinking much liquor at wild backstage parties …

MM: (laughs) Exactly! Alcohol kills germs! 2006 you released on ATR-song on the soundtrack of SAW II. Are there any opportunities at this time to be on another soundtrack of a Horror movie?

MM: Horror movies perfectly fit to Metalcore and Metal. Actually we’re on a movie trailer of „Chasing Maverick“. It’s no Horror movie, it’s about surfing, but it’s a big thing for us. Okay Mike, good luck for the future. Keep on killing germs the way you did before …

MM: … (laughs) … … and see you in Germany soon.

MM: Yes, we’ll show up! Thank you very much!