DIE SO FLUID / Queen of the Night and Hot Rum and Tea

Grog, female lead singer of DIE SO FLUID, about new plans and a new album.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl
Photo by courtesy of Die So Fluid
entertaimnet: The world is too big for one lifetime … That’s the statement and title of your last album … and damn, you’re right! So, you toured a lot, did you see at least some sights in all cities you used to play?
Grog: One of the things I love about touring is being able to experience new places and meet new people. Often there’s not enough time to see the sights but we do our best. I’ve been able to visit Gracelands, Tampere Moomin museum and we love a good seaside haunted house! At least when you’re playing music you are making connections with real people and we get an energy from them specific to that place.
entertaimnet: Now you’re going to record a new album. Can you tell us some details, when you’ll be in the studio? Will the new album be different, maybe faster and even harder?
Grog: We’ve written 18 tracks and plan to make a double album. Titled „The Opposites Of Light“, there’s a heavy side and then a dark introspective side. We’re doing this to push these different aspects to their limits, which our fans have come to expect from us.
entertaimnet: Will you still be on the same label again?
Grog: We spent a long time looking into what the best options are to maintain artistic control and independence. These things are very important to us and having suffered at the hands of various disreputable labels, we almost decided to go the route of a pledge music campaign to side step the whole process. However, Cargo, who we did our debut album Spawn Of Dysfunction with, stepped forward wanting to work with us again and also bring our previous albums under one roof. One of the last respected and successful distributors standing, and having maintained a trustworthy relationship with Cargo since the beginning, we’re very excited to have them on board for a worldwide release and to help us get some control back over sales of all our material.
entertaimnet: Sometimes the venues you play are totally crowded, sometimes it’s hard to get lots of fans in the club … it always depends on the date, parallel shows, promo etc. Unfortunately I saw you playing a show with not that many people, nevertheless the gig was awesome. How hard is it to motivate yourself when a show is not sold out?
Grog: We love playing live and we feed off the crowd. I just rationalize the fact that each territory has to be built up and every show has to be great to achieve that until we’re rock star heroes everywhere. It does feel wierd when you go from 500 to 50 and then maybe a festival crowd of a thousand or so, but even if it’s just ten people in the crowd you have to give it your all – partly because they’ve paid to see you and partly because if you do a good show the next time you play that town those ten people will bring two friends with them. That’s how you grow an audience.
entertaimnet: Will you start a tour right after the album release?
Grog: We’re playing Hard Rock Hell UK festival Nov 30 and will be making videos for some of the tracks. Then in Jan 2013 we’re planning a 5 week European tour.
entertaimnet: Alright, se you then!
Grog: Thanks, Dennis