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Manitoba-born actress Tammy Gillis is on her fast lane to become one of Canada’s hottest stars, being engaged on exciting film and television productions. LOST GIRL, SUPERNATURAL, LESS THAN A KIND etc., so it was time to schedule an interview about current projects, Rachael Leigh Cook and more.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl
Photo by courtesy of The Promotion People, Canada

entertaim.net: Hello Tammy. You’ve got many impressing TV appearances in shows like SUPERNATURAL, LESS THAN KIND and many more. Many of these are very successful wold wide. How does it feel to be featured in these popular TV shows?
Tammy Gillis: It is wonderful, Dennis. I am always very excited to be part of a show. Every show brings with it the opportunity to work with and learn from new people and be part of something special. I feel fortunate to have been able to work on such a wide variety of shows as well – sci-fi, comedy, thrillers.
entertaim.net: You also starred with Rachael Leigh Cook in the thriller „Stealing Paradise“. Rachael has been in this industry a long time, so did you learn a lot from this acting job?
Tammy Gillis: It was a really great experience to be able to work with and become friends with Rachael. She is a very talented and special woman. I learned so much from her, mainly that you just need to take things one day at a time and have fun while you are doing it!!
entertaim.net: What kind of roles do you prefer… comedy or drama with a touch of thriller?
Tammy Gillis: I really love comedy mainly because the work environment is very loose and playful and anything goes. I find that the wackier I get, the funnier it is so I love the playful aspect of it. However, I also love drama. I love the intensity. I can’t say I prefer either. I love it all.
entertaim.net: Do you have some acting idols? Maybe Kim Basinger?
Tammy Gillis: Most definitely, Meryl Streep. She is a goddess. I also really admire Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet. They are actresses that completely disappear into their characters. They have such diversity and commitment.
entertaim.net: You started your career as a model? Are there still some interesting modelling jobs you would be interested in or do you keep your focus on acting?
Tammy Gillis: I would much prefer to focus on acting, I love the feeling of creating and diving into a new character. I love the challenge of exploring and finding that.
entertaim.net: Did you start to learn ballet because of a passion for it, or are there any roles in the near future which have something to do with ballet and dance?
Tammy Gillis: I have always had a secret passion for ballet. It brings me great joy. I admire the beautiful grace of ballet. It is truly amazing what the human body can do, what it can express through movement.
entertaim.net: What’s better for an actress in your opinion… big movies or successful TV shows? What do you prefer?
Tammy Gillis: That’s a tough question. Well, I think it always comes down to the material, to the story. Really great stories with really great people is what I want to work on.
entertaim.net: Thanks, Tammy… and good luck for 2012.
Tammy Gillis: Thank you.
Redakteur: Dennis Rowehl
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