Nylon Pink / All those funny things & Hello Drama

2010 Kaila Yu´s band NYLON PINK released the debut EP featuring their single „Lipstick“ and they entertained the people on youtube with crazy and flashy videos packed with with a high degree of sex appeal. At the Sunset Strip they are more than notorious for glamorous and also crazy live shows but unfortunately the band didn´t show up in Germany. Apart from this Kaila and Katt Lee also created their own fashion label named HELLO DRAMA to realize their dream of creating fashion to express their personal style. Dennis Rowehl talked to the whole band about the future and about fashion: (February 2012)

Photos by courtesy of Nylon Pink

entertaim.net: You’re debut-EP has been released at the end of 2011, so how was the people´s feedback so far?
Kiki: So far we’ve had a lot of positive feedback and were even more excited to release our new music. We´ve been working really hard at developing our new sounds so we can’t wait to show our fans.
entertaim.net: Who’s responsible for the music and lyrics? Just you, Kaila, and Katt or the whole band?
Kaila: I used to write or co-write all the music, with our current line-up, every single member participates in the writing process.
entertaim.net: Kaila, Nylon Pink stands for crazy live shows and videos. So what do you like most, recording songs in the studio or performing live?
Kaila: I 100% prefer performing live on stage. Theres no experience in the world like feeding off the energy of the crowd, sometimes when you reach a special connection with the crowd it’s almost a spiritual experience. Theres nothing like it in the world.
Jamie: Performing live definitely, it’s like an adrenaline rush and it’s the best feeling.
Katt: Nothing beats performing live and interacting with people on stage!!!
Kiki: I love performing live and feeling the energy from the fans, but I also love being able to get into the studio and lay down some really awesome tracks.
entertaim.net: Alright. So you’re almost playing shows in California, especially L.A., do you have some current plans for playing shows at the East Coast or even in Europe?
Kaila: We definitely plan on heading on a world tour next summer!
Katt: Japan would be a dream come true, oooooh and England, I love boys with the British English accents.
Kiki: Yeah … I’d love to go overseas!!! That would be the best and I’d have to agree with Katt (laughing)
entertaim.net: That´ll be cool. What do you think, is it possible to play some shows in China?
Kaila: China is absolutely a goal of ours, we had a tour planned in China for this past summer but due to some logistical issues we had to postpone it.
entertaim.net: Kaila, can you tell us more about RAWartists and your position right there?
Kaila: Sure. RAWartists is one of my main projects at this time. It is really my dream job. The company started out with just 3 cities, to 20 cities this year, next year we will be in 50 cities and its growing rapidly. I am the managing director of 3 cities including Hollywood and I throw showcase events featuring artists of all genres, including music, fashion and visual art. It has been the most amazing experience to be able to help promote emerging artists and also network with all the local talent!
entertaim.net: When can we expect the entire Nylon Pink album?
Kaila: We are considering moving away from the traditional album model and just releasing singles, it seems more fitting for this high speed digital age. We should have a new single to release soon and many more after that!
entertaim.net: That´s sad that we cannot expect an entire album… anyway… so hope to see you on stage in Germany.
Kaila: We´re working on this project.
entertaim.net: All right, let´s switch over to Hello Drama, Kaila. What exactly is your profession at HELLO DRAMA? Are you more designer or CEO of this company?
Kaila: Well, HELLO DRAMA was founded by two partners, me and my partner Katt Lee. I handle the business end of things and Katt is the designer.
entertaim.net: And you both are also the creative root of Nylon Pink, right? Hello Drama fashion is available online and in some stores in Los Angeles. Who belongs to your target group? Except Nylon Pink …
Katt: Our target group are girls between the age of 12-35 but it’s not only girls that like the line.
entertaim.net: I also read that there’s a connection between you, so Hello Drama, and Taylor Momsen. Can you tell us more about that?
Kaila: We don’t have any connection to Taylor Momsen, we are just big fans of her work! Our work has been featured on celebrities that we love, such as Courtney Love and Nicki Minaj. That´s pretty awesome.
entertaim.net: Hello Drama is extraordinary and crazy fashion … Katt, where do you get the inspirations for your different designs?
Katt: We get our inspiration from so many different things! From LA street fashion to music, pop culture, Japan, and our friends who are all creative individuals.
entertaim.net: Do you have more designers?
Kaila: Sometimes we bring in guest designers, like Shigetomo from Japan, we are huge fans. They created some custom designs for us in the past. We have also collaborated with Syc Fuk Girls http://www.sycfuk.com
entertaim.net: Can you list a couple of celebrities who wear HELLO DRAMA?
Katt: We’ve dressed celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, The Donnas, KISS, The Sounds and many more! The list is growing…
entertaim.net: Wow, even KISS … Let’s talk about the marketing. Nylon Pink and you are definitely important advertising vehicles of HELLO DRAMA. When did you get the idea of combining your own fashion label with your own music?
Kaila: The jewelry line HELLO DRAMA was inspired by the lyrics of Nylon Pink, the two entities are closely intertwined. It makes creating designs very easy since our music is very expressive and evocative of strong imagery. We represent the girls of the world who love to have fun, have a rebellious streak, are naughty AND nice, and don’t care what anyone thinks!
entertaim.net: Do you produce single handmade pieces of each item or do you plan a mass production?
Kaila: We currently have a custom fashion line up with one of a kind pieces at http://www.etsy.com/people/hellodramahello?ref=si_p. The bulk of our jewelry designs are mass produced!
entertaim.net: Where do you produce?
Kaila: Our jewelry is produced in Los Angeles and in China.
entertaim.net: Are there any changes to buy your fashion in Germany?
Kaila: We have not brought our fashion into stores in Germany….yet! But anyone worldwide can purchase our pieces online at the online shop http://www.hellodrama.net Meanwhile half our customers are international customers! So it´s available for everybody.
entertaim.net: Thank you for the interview and good luck.
Kaila: Thank You.

Redakteur: Dennis Rowehl