Crystal Lowe / Canadian Scream Queen

Wrong Turn 2, Final Destination 3, Black Christmas, Children of the Corn, Primeval, co-actin with Henry Rollins … lovely Crystal Lowe seems to become the new scream-queen … so we scheduled an interview to receive more background info about current projects and much more.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl
Photo: Karolina Turek Hi Crystal .. you just acted on the horror comedy „A little bit Zombie“ … it’s more an indie movie but it’s going to be very successful. I just watched the trailer … looked like fun doing this movie, right?
Crystal Lowe: It was so much fun being a part of this movie, everyone in the cast and crew knew this movie was spezial, so we all treated it as though it was a big blockbuster in terms of dedication. We also laughed non-stop during filming, I mean if you have seen the film you can imagine why. I really hope that the world gets to share in all our laughs. You really seem to be addicted to horror films: Wrong Turn 2, Final Destination 3, Black Christmas, Children of the Corn etc. So, what’s so special acting in this genre? Is it fun or sometimes disgusting?
C.L.: Well, I always have a good time on every set but horrors can definitely be very exhausting, there is usually a lot of screaming and running involved (laughing) I have to say the horror and sci-fi fans are some of the best. They are totally dedicated and love their movies, so I guess that’s what I like so much about the two genres. Back in the times of SCREAM and BUFFY Sarah Michelle Gellar has been celebrated as Scream-Queen … right now, especially the Canadian press are regarding you as being the new Scream-Queen. What do you feel about this?
C.L.: (laughing) It’s really sweet actually, I remember growing up hearing that Jamie Lee Curtis was THE scream queen when she first started so if I can try and follow in her footsteps I will happily accept the title. By the way … what kind of music do you prefer? I’d guess more Metal like KORN (I still have √¢‚Ǩ≈æChildren of the Corn“ in mind), Slipknot etc. …?
C.L.: I think you would be surprised, I love all music but right now I listen to Billie Holiday every morning. No kidding?
C.L.: (laughing) I Love dark art but I like my music kind of light and fun. Music really affects my mood so I try and surround myself with the positive! Haha … Primeval: New World is another step in your career … what do you prefer … getting the main role in a big Hollywood Blockbuster or playing the main character in a popular TV show?
C.L.: Well, I love the consistency of a TV show, you really get to know your cast and crew inside and out and you work off each other’s strengths and weaknesses and its truly a family. I would like to still do as much film as possible just because I love that it’s a new character every time, so it’s pretty exciting. What are your plans for 2012 so far?
C.L.: I still have to finish up Primeval New World which will take me into the summer where I should rest, but of course I won’t cause, I am a workaholic. I just finished reading another script for a film, so I will have to let you know later if I decided to move forward on it. Crystal, thank you so far … so I’m going to watch one of your movies right now. Good luck by walking in Jamie Lee Curtis‘ footsteps. Thank you very much and good luck!
C.L.: Thank YOU. My pleasure!

Interview: Dennis Rowehl
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